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Precious Plastic Version 4? 😮

03/02/2018 at 17:18

Hello everyone, for the version of Precious plastic 4, we from Colombia want to propose an idea related to the social impact in communities, so we want to share a work method that we have compiled with some years of work in vulnerable communities, and based on various topics ranging from: social innovation, circular economy, human centered design, circular design guide, and human scale development.

Because, we believe in the great potential that this project of Precious plastic has in the whole world, and likewise, the responsibility that involves consciously working with communities, understanding their dynamics, and the conditions of each context, precisely to guarantee different ways of sustainability and that the communities are empowered with this technology that can generate great changes for a better future from the social, the environmental and the economic.

We know that there are already several cases within the community, including the Kenyan project.

then, we left the subject to open discussion, to build among all different ways that allow to grow and strengthen the initiative of Preciosu Plastic.



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