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Hey community, We are 3 guys to work on the V4 shredder double axes, Landry (@landry) from France – a industrial designer and engineer, Paco (@pacoacu13) from Spain - mechanical engineer, and Yann from France - material engineer. We work on the Precious Plastic shredder double axes in Eindhoven, and we try to find the best solution for shred some big parts of plastic, also including thick parts like beams and sheets. The sub-topics will be the same than for the single axis shredder, as most of the technologies will be similar : Drives (Motors and Gears) Cutting Technology (Shredding principles and fine tuning) Feeding System (Hoppers, Conveyer Belts, new Systems) Control System (Electronics) Productivity The double axes shredder is the most used for different industrial activities, but with different designs for different results. We need something close to an industrial shredder, who can shred different plastic shapes and sizes quickly, and easly in very little plastic chips. Reliability, Safety & Maintenance As for the single axis shredder trials, the next version should not jam as often as the current shredder does. Furthermore we want to implement automatic reverse (torque detection) and back to normal operation. Safety will also be improved by a proper hopper limiting the acces to the blades, and a good "catch" of the plastics for removing any human help in the process of shredding. Maintenance such as cleaning (between different plastic batch) shall also be considered. So how will we start? The main goal we want to achieve, is increasing the shredding capacity, we want something much bigger than the last verion, and that can work all day (at least 7 hours) with no jam and very few human interventions.Our biggest problem right now is the huge variety of plastic that can be found – small/big, thin/thick, flat/geometric and different materials. And most of the shredders are specified on one particular task. E.g. slow running Granulators to recycle runners of the injection process. Double axis shredders in general seams a very polyvalent option, even if they have quiet some incovenient (like a lot of laser cut parts...), but let's give it a try at least !
Viewing topic 1 (of 1 total)
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