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Hey everyone! I recently joined Precious Plastic and I’ve been working on biodegradable material experiments, so in this post I’ll show you the first tryouts of several materials. I’ve mainly used household waste and waste that can be found in nature. Some materials I used could be the by-products of industries, like sesame seeds from vegetable oil pressing. I didn’t use any additional adhesives, because I wanted to see how strong they can bind just by adding heat and pressure. I dried and blended every material before pressing them. I used rice oil as a release agent. For the first tries, I used the oven to heat up the mould and after a while, I added two cartridge heaters to the two parts of the mould, which really sped up the procedure. We will tell you more about the mould in the upcoming post. Some materials I can’t exactly define as I collected them and I didn’t measure them at this point, so sorry about that, hope it will still be useful! Below you can find the details of the samples.
Viewing 14 topics - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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