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Topic Tag: LDPE

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There are lots of discussions and ideas on how to make HDPE and LDPE-Bags shredable, but I haven't seen a tested solution yet. So I tried it out and even though my shredder isn't yet built, I can assure you it works! (because the only problem is the thickness) The concept is simple: just take your iron (the one to iron your clothes), take two sheets of baking paper, put a plastic bag inbetween and iron it! Then fold it, iron it again and repeat until the piece is thick enough. Voilá! I tested both HDPE and LDPE bags, they both worked fine. (See pictures) The only downside of this way of doing it is time. It takes minimum 2 minutes or so to make a 30g LDPE bag thicker (the red one), but apart from that this method works fine for me.
Viewing 7 topics - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)
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