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Hello wonderful people! I decided to dedicate my Design Bachelor Thesis to the Topic “Online Community / Collaborative Research & Design”. Focus will be to improve/find a better solution for the platforms of our (Precious Plastic) Community! To describe in a few words: This Forum contains so much valuable information, so much potential, but - like in every forum - there is a lack of overview, so things get lost, same questions get asked several times, it’s hard to keep track etc. There is also a high demand and potential for (local) exchange and collaboration, so I won't force myself to stick to the format of a forum but imagine it more as a platform for collaborative research & projects, with a good structure/way to find information and work with it. As the outcome should work for YOU, the whole Community, I am hoping to get a lot of your feedback and ideas, so we can TOGETHER work on a solution which suits our needs. 💪 Aim: Design a new structure & user interface for our Community. Outcome: Probably (as a start) an interactive prototype of the platform(s), and then see where it goes. --- WHOEVER INTERESTED in clicking his/her way through my (maybe a bit chaotic) thoughts, feel free to TEST THE PROTOTYPE here: ➡️ Precious Plastic Platforms - FOCUS on the FORUMS (including map etc.) 💡Share your feedback with me, what aspects you like/don't like and what other ideas you have! 💬 You can even comment it IN the draft (you will have to create an account though). ☝️Bare in mind: this is all work in progress and a lot of trying-out. So don't be irritated by visuals/layout or weird links. --- UPDATE (Dec 2018): Topic closed - We have a webteam now, creating a super powerful platform! :) For anyone interested, here my THESIS 📖  
Viewing 30 topics - 31 through 60 (of 109 total)
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