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Topic Tag: safety

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Hey all Currently new so just a query which came to mind reading in one of the forum questions which came up got me pondering. The person got contaminated plastic from a local recycling firm and the smell was very aggressive. Wouldn't the smell be burnt off when the plastic goes through the heating process? It may give off a lot of fumes while doing so but by using a ventilation unit you could extract this into open air so to not affect ones lungs. On the other hand there would be an issue with the fumes affecting the environments air, so could someone give me a heads up on the idea for future knowledge? Also just one other thought, if you had a ventilation unit which went through a water tank, so as to bubble through water, wouldn't this cut back on the contamination to the air and leave all the rubbish in the water. Once the water is spent one could allow evaporation to occur leaving behind the soot?
Viewing 30 topics - 31 through 60 (of 85 total)
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