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This is the main blog where the updates for the development will be shared and general questions will be answered and discussed. Beside that, there are a few important sub-topics which I will give you an overview in here: First a short overview about certain Sub-Topics of the development: Drives (Motors and Gears) Cutting Technology (Shredding principles and fine tuning) Feeding System (Hoppers, Conveyer Belts, new Systems) Control System (Electronics)   So here the Development Blog starts:   Hey community, I'm Friedrich from Germany - a Industrial Designer and Engineer. I will work on the next revision of the Precious Plastic shredder in Eindhoven until the beginning of the next year. As most of you know there are some things about the shredder which can be improved to build a more reliable/productive and safer machine. The recent weeks I ran some tests with the current shredder, a fast-spinning shredder and a double axis shredder to compare them against each other.   Some points which we are sure we want to improve: Productivity Right now we have a max output of ~10kg/h - to run a workshop or small business with our shredder we need at least 40-50kg/h. The goal should be to shred in half a day (or less) the complete plastic for a week.   Reliability The next version should not jam that often as the current shredder does. This is not just a problem of the motor power only but also concept related. Furthermore we want to implement automatic reverse (Torque detection) and back to normal operation. Safety This is very related to the topic of reliability, due it is not possible to build a save shredder if it is not processing the input material in a reliable manner. The shredder should run without any correction of the user during the shredding process. The shredding blades must not be accessible during the operation, this is ensured by mechanic constraints or sensors.   Maintenance Some of you report a fast wear down of the shredding blades. The new version should have a way to reduce the necessary time for maintenance and changing of blades. I will try to increase the lifetime of the blades by optimizing tolerances, cutting angles and material selection.   Documentation The revision of machines will come with a guideline for a easier part-selection process depending on personal needs.     So how will we start?  Our biggest problem right now is the huuge variety of plastic we recycle - small/big, thin/thick, flat/geometric and different materials. And most of the shredders are specified on one particular task. E.g. slow running Granulators to recycle runners of the injection process.   I found a different concept from our existing one which i want to adapt to a smaller size shredder. I think it can solve the problem about the big variety in the best way. The biggest benefit of this shredder type is that, the process is more reliable and you can throw in even bigger rests of plastic like left-overs from the extrusion machine or half injected parts.   Its called single shaft shredder which looks like those ones here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evf0BDYTptI   Of course our shredder will be a bit smaller ;) The build will be similar to the current one (stacked blades on a hex-shaft) - just the blades will be between 10-20mm thick, to assemble the teeths on them. The width will be the same for all, but the length will be adjustable to your needs (education vs. production)   What do you think about this concept?
Viewing topic 1 (of 1 total)
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