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I am looking for a injection moulding method to make very small (3-5 mm) parts out of polypropylene. Not mass production, I would be happy with one part per min. I can make small moulds of any material (even glass) as I have a tiny precision mill. Tried to mould the ghetto way in the oven, but the plastic oxidizes and crumbles, and as my moulds get more complex it will only get worse. First, I found these 2 injection machines which were made via a kickstarter project (good). However, the owner does not ship worldwide (I am in the UK), and is not very easy to deal with. One almost feels like he does not want to sell his machines. Has anyone tried these? 200W unit (soon to be discontinued) for $595 https://www.techkits.com/products/model-20a/ 400W unit (available) for $1800 https://www.techkits.com/products/model-150a/ Then there are these 400W Chinese desktop "dental fixture" machines all over ebay for $1000-$1500. Of course, the Chinese ship anywhere. Has anyone tried these? A spec search shows 250C melting temps: https://www.dentalcompare.com/4997-Acrylic-Injection-Systems/34870-AX-YD-Denture-Injection-System/
Viewing 3 topics - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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