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Hey guys, my name’s Paul and I’m a designer working on PP V4. One of our focuses for V4 is exploring ways to use the non-recyclable plastics (NRP) that we often collect but don’t have a use for. To be clear, I’m talking about plastics that have no hope of ever being recycled back into useful tools/products/materials. Plastics that have been: – degraded due to extended sun exposure, saltwater, etc. (common among beach plastics) – molded with other materials (metal, silicone, etc.) and can’t be separated for recycling – are simply too dirty to be cleaned effectively for normal recycling Typically when these materials are collected, they’re sent to the landfill where they waste away eternally, or they’re incinerated to produce energy. Neither of these options are great… Sending NRP to a landfill means the materials that could be useful will do nothing but take up space in a big pit of waste. And incinerating them releases gases into the atmosphere that contribute to air pollution and climate change. So.. Our mission is to give hope to the Hopeless. Sounds tricky, but I think we can figure something out. I’ll share progress in this thread. If you’re interested in this issue and would like to contribute thoughts, ideas, and constructive criticisms, they’ll be greatly appreciated
Viewing 6 topics - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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