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Amazon garbage forest (finding new ways of income)

Arthur Aloha arthuraloha

Amazon garbage forest (finding new ways of income)

21/10/2019 at 16:31

Hi there. There a big text about me on my profile so I suggets you read that so things dont get to repetitive. I’m new here so if I’m doing anything wrong I’m ready to take advice.

This will be a big text and it will take a while to get to the plastic topic but stay with me and I’ll try to be the most informative as possible.


Recently the Amazon forest has been on the news due to the fires that took place.

Lots of the media is due to politics related to Brazil Vs. France (and EU in general) because of agricultural comercial wars as farmers in EU represent a good presure into EU not buying cheap products from Brazil and maintain the live quality the EU farmer have. There are too many little details that should be taking into consideration and this is not the main topic of the post. Some of the reality is that YES, there are fires but also because this is the dry season so there are fires since a long time and now there are much more media about it.


Also good to mention that in Brazil we have a Forest Law Code that any land owner of rural area in the north of Brazil need to protect 80% of the original forest and can use only 20% for production. It is one of the most stricted codes but its hard to fiscalise for 2 main reason.

1- its a new code (from 2012) and its had to put in practice its regulation

2- Lack of people to work to fiscalize (80% of brazil population lives on the coast or in big cities in the south( south+southwest) where over 90% of the jobs are located.


This mean that less than 20% of the population lives in the north and have very little to live from. The area these population lives can be bigger then any country in EU for comparation and maybe the AVG is 1 job or less for each 100.000 sqKM.


Legal activity in the protected private areas can only be fruit picking by hand with no transport beside walking or boats. Normally this activity is not comertial even considering the huge variety of fruits. ( I was there twice in 2017 and 2018 and each time I tryied over 20 types of fruits I never new existed).

On the other hands illegal activities usually are not taking place in private land but in in No-Mans-Land (which belongs to the government but they are way too big to control) and in indigenous area, these activities include wood extraction, mineral exploration and drugs related business (remembering the drug producing countries that also have Amazon Forest on their territories and you know where the EU cocain cames from, almost all of it passes by the Amazon Forest in Brazil before reaching Africa and Europe). Sad thing but should be mentioned as its also part of the problem.


There a very new market emerging in the area which is related to reforestation. Land owners who have used more the 20% of their land must reforestate or pay a fine every year untill they reach 80% of preserved area in their land, the new trees must have a certificate prooving they are native from certified areas so the new marked is related to seeds and small samples of original trees. Also the production of manufactures from fruits like jam and juice is becoming more peopular everyday thanks to the internet.


Besides all the problems mentione above, garbage is for sure an issue. If you have never been to the Amazon Forest, think of it like the North Pacific Ocean where the term The Great Pacific Garbage Patch came from. The region of the Amazon have many cities and villages where now days any industrial product arrives but for sure plastic bags arrive even from the sky and get into rivers and into the forest itself. most of it is not seen but only because the green dominates the view. I was In Belem and some other cities in the state of Para and the biggest problem ther are garbage in general as families are used to not having periodic garbage collection and the garbage that is collects end up in landfills. there’s no studies but I recon less then 0.1% gets some sort of reciclyng and this is probably only alluminium and other metals that street collectors get to sell to make their incignificant income.


My family owns a land there and it is 50.000 square metters of 100% native trees that can reach 50 meter of hight. the whole surounded are used to be forest but 40 years ago the city os Mosqueiro started developing there due to a bridge that was constrocted in the 1970. The area now is a new suburbia of the city with no paved roads or infrastructure of sanitation or whater treatment. sewage goes to tanks or sometimes to the rivers and potable water comes from digged wells.

The land shapes similarly to Central Park as it had 100m by 500m and I have directly accross the street over 100 homes with a population of some 200-400 people living in unhuman conditions, some homes are nicer though but still the garbage is a big problem.


Looking on sustainable projects to implement on the land the question that comes into my mind is how to deal with the garbage. Whatever I decid to do there, I will also generate garbage so this ist thing im thinking is not only to sort or recycle my own but also be a reference to the island on how to turn your garbage into profit through adding vallue to it.

At the moment we are coordinating with some neibors and working in a vegetable garden which eventually I want to offer to allthe neibors in exchange for ther garbage. where 1KG of sorted garbage = 1kg of vegetable. but before I offer that I have to know what to do with it and how to manage space to keep the materials isolated from getting into the land.

I thought of renting some of the empty homes that are next to the land to host a HQ for that project and invite people determinated to contribute but as well as getting to the the Amazon.

I have many detaisl to share and I’m happy I found this community but Having the right people onboard is key for me so if anybody is interested please contact me, on my profile I show how to.

This is a very long term project and all the help is welcome but not only for the land we own but create pilot projects that can also to go to other place and help reduce the wast ou our planet at the same time as it become profitable to local communities so they dont have to resorce to illigal activities that destroy our only home.

Wish you all amazing days.


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