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Arduino Load independent motor speed control.

keesdeligt keesdeligt

Arduino Load independent motor speed control.

09/07/2015 at 11:18

Lately I’ve been playing and thinking with a Arduino to create a load independent motor drive.

We are trying to use cheap and easy to find machine drives.
For a shredder the stability of the drive is no big problem. if your legs are strong enough you even could use a bicycle.
But using the extruder for 3D print filament needs a stable drive., to get the machine adjusted to make precise filament.
When money nor resources would be a problem, you could come up with something like a, stepper motor, a servo motor, or even a 3phased dc-motor with frequency controller. We want to use a Wiper-motor or a washingmachine or whatever motor you can find.
So… you would need a motor, some kind of speedcontrol and it could be useful to measure the speed.
Motor speed controllers AC or DC, whatever motor you choose, are not that hard to find. Speed could be eyeballed or marked on a potmeter.

Having a Arduino starterkit gathering dust on Dave’s desk makes you wonder…
So I started with a ghetto+ setup, a arduino, separate power supply to drive the motor, a small dc motor, a mosfet to power the motor, a rotary encoder to set the (desired) speed, A Lcd screen and a Hall-effect sensor with a small magnet to detect the rotations. A breadboard to make the connections and some lego laying around.
Rduino mess
The only thing the arduino does, is comparing and adjusting (feedback loop) the measured rpm’s with the encoder setting. so regulating the output on a arduino pin, connected with a external motor speed controller.

The Arduino Mega,

The Encoder,

The Mosfet (Motordrive)

Motor and geared reductor

The LCD screen

Hall effect sensor with magnet

Regards Kees (all comments welcome 🙂 )

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14/07/2015 at 07:18

A video of the set-up.

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