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Bazar statistic ?


Bazar statistic ?

01/06/2018 at 15:16

I’m watching since a while the bazar, there seem endless offers for plates, lamps,…
We’re wondering how much of it is getting actually sold because considering that now seemingly everybody produce the same sort of things, it’s getting hard to actually get some return of invest, running the machines for own pleasure only doesn’t make sense to me, it’s even irresponsible considering the footprint we create with the machines and energy consumption,…

However, can we see how much items got sold, simple statistic on how well we’re performing, also to may be align with alternatives to lamps,… ?

That seems crucial, I also have to adjust the extrusion machinery to alternative products/projects for my clients.

thanks a lot,

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In reply to: Bazar statistic ?

03/06/2018 at 00:32

While the bazar is a fully functional store, most people use it only as a way to show off what’s possible to create with PP. Most people end up selling their products either locally or through other means like a private E-Store

I do agree that we need more people to start playing around with CNC made producs and new mould ideas for new products to increase the variety of products, like these:


Injection Molding iPhone Cases from Trash

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