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Before you get started

Dave Hakkens davehakkens

Before you get started

01/02/2017 at 09:42

Hi Friends

This community is mainly focussed on developing our projects. But I know there are many more like-minded enthusiasts with great ideas out there. I also know how overwhelming it can be to develop an idea, specially if you haven’t got all the skills yourself to execute. But I truly believe the first crucial step is to share it. So this part of the forums is exactly for that.

Start a NEW topic, explain what you want to achieve and find others to get involved. Help each other out, get feedback, share suggestions to build upon the idea. Don’t worry if it isn’t completely finished. Throwing an idea out there gives others a target to shoot at. It could be anything, a new app, system, video, machine, painting. Whatever pushes the world in a better directions is worth exploring!

Good luck!

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01/02/2017 at 14:06

when is V 3.0 of machines coming out? i thought today was the day

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01/02/2017 at 17:33

that is not an idea @sharma-sagar

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01/02/2017 at 19:20

Just to clarify (if I understand correctly) this community is intended to help inventors bring life to their own personal projects, not Precious Plastic machines.
You can post here if:
*You have an idea and want to make it true, but don’t know where to start
*You have your project defined, but need help or advice about where to source materials or find stakeholders
*You have your project defined and already started working on it, and want to show your idea to the world

If you need help with any of the precious plastic machines like the extruder, shredder, compression oven or injection machine, please post your topics on the “Help building our projects forum

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22/03/2017 at 15:11

I would like know where can I find Your projects, what kind materials used to, and electric parts?

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17/04/2017 at 22:38

I live in Oregon and there is a very large amount of agricultural plastic netting and greenhouse plastic that gets thrown away every year. I was wondering if this is an acceptable type of plastic for recycling? If so I would really like to set up a recycling opportunity in this region.

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03/05/2017 at 02:29

Hi Dave! Saw you are going to Kenia in the news #3.
Please check this project http://onearmy.world/community/forums/topic/home/
I want to start by making homes floors with the dream of a plastic home.
Think this is a global need (over 1 billion people with home needs!).
Goverments should be part of this feasible solution.

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06/10/2017 at 14:31

Hi dave, I would like to know for the oven by compression, how much is the estimated time of waiting in hours to get the piece to be finished ?. Example for your plastic handles shown on the videos.
another question is the oven you used in the video can be electric that has the resistors factory? , or does it have to be a normal kitchen oven?

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14/10/2017 at 19:49

hi dave
kW and dd (rpm) of electric motor of extruder machine?

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02/11/2017 at 21:22

Hey Spenken, That isn’t an idea. But since you have a serious problem with that plastic, I made a quick research for you. (Dave please forgive me).

There are 4 kinds of greenhouse warps and their are made of 4 kind of plastic: Polyethylene, Copolymer, Polyvinyl and polycarbonate. (plastic number 3,6 and 7)

They are knitted so they can withstand the weather. In the case of polyvinyl they have a thin net between to two layers of plastic, so this is the most difficult to recycle of them since you should remove the fiber from the plastic first. In the case of polycarbonate they have bubbles so it’s pretty the same than recycling bubble warp.

ALL OF THEM ARE RECYCLABLE! You only need a workshop with the machines to do it. Each one of them has a method of recycling but since there is such a huge pile of them every year that will not suppose a trouble.
You could try to contact anyone with a precious plastic workshop in oregon and coordinate with them to bring them all to their place. or even start your own workshop.
I’m from an island in the caribbean so I think I couldn’t help you with that.


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11/11/2017 at 16:38

uszylow I think you can find here everything you need to beggin with

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25/11/2017 at 21:09

I wonder if you could find out why type of plastic it is? There are different types so once you find that out-that would tell you where you can go from there. I would imagine that you could recycle it, it’s a matter of getting it into bits. I’m sure that you could go to a plant or even the operator and collect from them directly. It would probably lighten their trash load and save them a few bucks?

Good Luck~

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30/11/2017 at 22:14

Nice to meet you! I would like to ask if is possible to create a box 50 35 35 for 25 kg weight with your plastic recycle…..
I send wood boxes every week but I would like to use a sustaiable method

please let me Know something i’m really interested in it!

ciao Francesco

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01/01/2018 at 13:05

Hi guys I’m new so hi everyone. Could you add colouring pigments to any plastic or the colour of plastic you start with is what you end up ? Cheers

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05/01/2018 at 17:28

Hi! I’m new to the project but from what I saw you create your paint from the plastic itself. Dave explains it in his videos. When you make thread that comes out with the predominant colour but for the rest, I think it is about mixing and matching 🙂 Not a technical person so I know this doesn’t totally answer your question on adding colouring pigments but I guess the idea behind the project is to work with the original raw material as much as possible.

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07/01/2018 at 23:17

Hi there I live in Monterrey, México. Here the air pollution is getting worse every day, also people are not interested in changing their consumist habits, there is garbage and many people driving around alone. I would love to do something about it, I started with myself, but you know the system keeps on growing and people keep on being zombies.

Would love to start an artistic movement where people express themselves and get to know new opportunities for making a change. I really like the idea of the precious plastic machines, and believe that if I organize a festival people can get to know it in a bigger impact.

Also I would like to make a comunal compost where I live, there is a park so I think it could work, but people here have this strange idea of being high class level and not touching or making anything dirty. So yeahh.. any ideas group?

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08/01/2018 at 02:14

oh, hi people

I’m a newbie here

*permission to learn and absorb everything here
*permission posting spam of sample pictures
*brainstorming and chit chat with anyone interested with the topic : recycling the plastic
*my avatar/virtual character ( a black cat ) was born in August 8, 2008
if you guys wanna know lot of things about me just gimme a sign like, blinking
your left eye , or any kind of sign code 😛
*any kind of bullying speaks n words will be denied





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08/01/2018 at 16:18

Hello there!

I must say I loved your idea on creating an artistic instalation to create awerness in your hometown and I want to suggeste you and everyone to take a look on


An artisitc iniciative that did exactly that!
I will live you the facebook link below, or just google the name

Maybe it will get you inspired!
Hope to have news from you soon!



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13/01/2018 at 18:32

I am trying to make a difference in The Gambia for youth. I work with a local school that was gifted a dying Barcelonian bus. It’s dead now.
The community has no rubbish strategy. The youth no employment.
Keen to find solutions for both.
Then a friend introduced me to this org.
Any starting ideas?


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15/01/2018 at 09:07

turn it into a workspace or a travelling workshop with the machines inside to teach others about recycling plastics like a school on wheels ( these are just suggestions i don’t know what your circumstance is)

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17/01/2018 at 17:14

is the bus still fixable?

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21/01/2018 at 12:44

Plastics used in ag production should have labels on what type it is. Contact the farmer and where they got it from and you would have the mds on it. From there you can figure how to recycle it. Here in this area black plastic is used for watermelon production and what is left over is sent to a place in Texas to be recycled.

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20/02/2018 at 00:20

Hey! we are trying to start a precious plastic project here in Mexico, Querétaro working together with students form Tecnológico de Monterrey University. We want to make a project that helps to educate people about the recycling culture and also create local empowerment to low-recourse communities around the city. We have many questions about the business model and we wanted to know if someone from precious plastic could give us an Skype interview for some advice. Since the objective of the project in Kinsii is similar to the one we have. We wanted to hear your thought and ideas. Thanks!

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07/03/2018 at 17:07

Why don’t you change the inside of the buss to make it a workshop. If you don’t have enough financing to develop the precious plastic machines, you can start with Upcycling plastic (which is just making things out of waste like a pot out of a plastic bottle) you can also educate people like that. Check youtube videos for DYI for example reusable plastic bags or pots, lamps, what ever imaginable…

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11/03/2018 at 05:47

Great idea to make flooring! I was thinking about the same thing.

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19/03/2018 at 18:01

Hi Dave !

We are starting a village cooperatice in the french countryside near Angers Maine-et-Loire
We plan to create a machine that could shred palstic garbage from about 100 inhabitants to start with.
Can you provide us with plans please ?

We have found a laser cutter compagny and a assembling welding companny that will be able to built the machine for us.
But we of course need plans at first !
Can you help us please Dave ?
Thanks for your help

Christian Tel 0033659636384
[email protected]
Thank you for your quick answer
All the best

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01/04/2018 at 02:26

So I am trying to delete this comment and I am unable too. Help?

In reply to: Before you get started

03/04/2018 at 15:19

please help me I cont have a heater element It not available in my village Mr. DAVE HAKKENS

In reply to: Before you get started

15/04/2018 at 19:30

For those with first world eyes, being confronted with waste management in E. Asia, is a daily experience. As you know if you’ve been here, seeing is believing.

Various estimates, your’s too, site this region as the prime culprit. Needless to say, this is taxing the ingenuity of many Westerners, and good local reformers.

Practicable product ideas emerging from elsewhere on Earth are being entertained (and even financed) to happen here.

Sadly, there are gloomy overarching factors which are being avoided in the interest raising capital for factories.

To the poor folk who gather the recyclables, plastic isn’t a priority. They get much better returns from clothing, aluminium, copper, electricals, cast iron and, until recently, glass. You’re aware that plastic drink bottles provide some returns, but they’re not a focus. “Film” is just discarded: plas bags,raincoats, brollies, awnings, industrial membranes, agri-wrap,etc. Left where it was unwrapped. Bottles are merely picked up along the way. A day of a family gathering only bottles would be unlikely to yield them $5US. The going price is 6c – 8c US. per kg. For waste plastic to be regarded as a resource here, it has to be far better remunerated. Its volume to weight ratio is lousy. Tiny motorbikes, carrying up to unbelievable four cubic mtrs, form convoys and cross national borders in pursuit of better returns.

Furthermore, the perception of plastic as problem-waste, motivates concept developers to condense as much into articles as possible. They’re making heavy products.

So, it’s counter intuitive, that we design something lightweight, and that we’re setting out to eclipse broad market waste conglomerates.

We’re going to provide the gatherers with machines which turn plastic debris into product, where it is.

We’ll make a building material which will be integrated into everyday construction methods, within the communities. It’s cheaper, better and quicker to use than the present material.

Just about all new construction in Asia is of ferro concrete post and beam portals with standardized ceramic brick infill. From single story houses to vast factories, from high rise offices and dormitory units for hundreds of thousands of workers, to the thousands of kilometers of property walls, concrete post and beam with brick infill is ubiquitous.

We’re developing plastic waste as a superior replacement for millions of bricks.

The average price of bricks in S.E. Asia is USD300.

Of course, the gatherers aren’t buying plastic waste. if they had to however, our projection shows that our product replaces $5.10 US of bricks at a cost of less than 20c U.S. It’s clear that the gatherer folk can profit.

We’re an alliance of several architects, building designers, an engineer, an engineering pattern-maker, a master builder and and industrial designer. The industry we’re seeking assistance to develop is along the lines of Straw-Bale construction. Being designed to modular builds, the product can be readily integrated into pre-planned structures and renovations.

Far superior thermal efficiency, unrivaled acoustical benefits, improved means of re-enforcement, very, very quickly erected and so less costly, it will promote itself amongst communities and developers, alike.

The machine that we’re seeking support to develop is a fusion of three: A strip shedder (similar to a paper shredder), a motorised baler (similar to a pine needle baler) and an air-heater (with similar output to a paint stripping gun 1-2kw) The machine is to be coupled to small motor bikes fo easy transportation. Our current assessment is that its cost of production shall be substantially less than $10000 US.

While we haven’t planned that profit will come from selling these machines, the projected sale price of the “Plazbalez” will allow the machine to generate sufficient funds to very comfortably repay its cost, within 2 yrs.

Recouping that outlay will yield funds for the production of more machines, and the promotion of Plazbalez throughout S.E.Asia.

Plazbalers can also be cheaply adapted to be used in river systems, and at sea.

“Public Ancillary Funding” has been suggested to as the vehicle to receive Crowd Funding, and we’re aiming to affiliate ASAP. Without intention of limiting alternatives we’re researching the 3 legged stool strategy. The best known “Branded” Franchisers use it with wildfire successes. At the present time James is detailing a business plan as a possible model.

I hope our work is of interest to you. We need support and funding.

Anxiously awaiting your advice, jim. – [email protected]

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15/04/2018 at 19:37

Sorry about that deluge. I didn’t get to say hello to everyone. I think you’re wonderful.
I transplanted that letter and couldn’t get back to its beginning to write a Hello. So this is a belated one.

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11/10/2018 at 22:59

in a way the site is great but somehow im stuck.  where would I find people hopefully locally who have made the tools/machines and are willing to possibly bring my plastic and molds!?  is there such a place.  why not.  I cant find it on this site but in my business I’m about to start pouring many polyurethane parts into silicone molds but am hoping to instead use high temp silicone molds at 60duro A and press parts made of found plastic, or if that fails and too soft then pour some aluminum molds I could press into…but if I can get a silicone hard enough that would seemingly be ideal and I cant get harder than 60duro it seems.

it seems like reforming could be an all around better way, I could also use some help designing aluminum molds and wondering if vent holes are needed.  I Cant even find a good video of this being done beyond in someone’s toaster on youtube and with the only purpose being to form a rod that could be later reformed.  why not going straight to parts pressed?

I cant afford the money or time to make the machines.   it would be great to have them running around the clock in a dedicated facility that even the air was purified and Im afraid of those chemicals.
san Francisco ca
610 416 2650

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