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Belgian creators: can I visit you?


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DS detje

Belgian creators: can I visit you?

16/06/2017 at 22:13

Hello Belgian creators,

I’ve been thinking about plastic waste and a solution for it since a long time and came across the beautiful project of Precious Plastic. I’m now considering building the machines, but would love to talk about them with some people who built the machines already and want to share experiences and best practices.

I have some doubts/additional questions about f.e. safety (such as toxins liberating during melting) and if it’s feasible to build the machine without ANY engineering background.

So if you live in Belgium (Flanders/Brussels preferably), and you’re open to invite me to come over to have a look at the machines and talk about your experiences with it, can you please reply? I’d love to get in contact!

Kind regards,

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17/06/2017 at 12:40

Hi, I’d be happy to come along for the ride and to create some (video+sound) artifacts about the questions being raised, the answers given and the additional insights developing…so that others might gain insight too.

I’ve many questions about the processes, the engineering and the outcomes that I’d like to have more first-hand knowledge about, so I can more meaningfully engage with a commune in the ‘hood (Leuven) regarding how Dave’s project may be particularly relevant to them given they have workshops, metal-workers and likely also possess the inclination for such an initiative.

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