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Beyond Bitcoin

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fuzzy fuzzy

Beyond Bitcoin

08/06/2015 at 08:35

Hello everyone,I am a cryptocurrency fan who believes it will enable all of us to do with money, what phonebloks is trying to do with modular, personalized hardware units.I run a hangout series called “Beyond Bitcoin” where I reach out to projects I think are very valuable for empowering people.We of course look at blockchain technology as a focal point in many situations, but one of the Biggest ones is in how open source types of technology can fund themselves using funding not controlled by governments or institutions like the “Federal Reserve”.As I see it, most of the greatest projects out there for human freedom and liberty are also some of the biggest enemies to big companies who wish to have monopoly control.Cryptocurrency represents a means by which you can gain resources and a demographic who is looking for answers to our current problems…but more importantly, they represent a demographic with the tools of actually helping make similarly-minded builders and communities draw in the funding needed to be successful.I would like to hold semi-regular hangouts with you guys and would even be interested in having a couple of the community members join us to set up and run their own hangouts.If you are interested in knowing more, please feel free to message me at my email address: [email protected] and add “Phonebloks Community Response” to the subject line.I am very confident that I am in a position to help phonebloks ride the cryptocurrency wave as it makes it to center stage on the Global Monetary Stage.Sincerely,Ben

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In reply to: Beyond Bitcoin

11/12/2015 at 19:44

Hi! Let’s keep the discussion here on the community for now.
Let’s start with the basics:
How can cryptocurrency help the modular revolution?

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