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Ine Maertens inem


14/11/2019 at 12:39

We are a group of students who want to set up workshops with children to make their toys with their own plastic waste..
We wonder if it is necessary to do some adaptions to the machines (shredder and injection mold) before using it with kids.. (7 years and older)

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15/11/2019 at 08:50

Hi there,

I think it wont be too hard and we have been thinking it too, since adults sometimes can be big kids too.

In that sense, you could use wood (cheaper option) or metal sheets with holes making sure to cover all moving parts, connecting axle points but still the trickiest part would be the output where heat is high, and you could invest in some good quality high temp gloves (kindahard for the kids though to use but cant see another option).

Bright coloring, stickers and even talking with some product designer would be the way to go…

Greets from Greece

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