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Extruder Development V4

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Nate Chandler cymek

Extruder Development V4

30/10/2018 at 00:51

Hello Plastic Precious Community!

My name is Nate Chandler, I will be working for PP V4 in Eindhoven until January. My teammate in this effort is Dutch engineer – @peter-bas.

We are working to continue the development of the extrusion machine;
building on the research that the rest of the community has already contributed.

Our material research will be populated on this spreadsheet, which is similar to mathijsstroober’s beam research.

The development plan is going to hit different points, some highlights:

Plastic Preparation – sieve granule size, how will this affect our material output.

Material Testing – MFI (Melt flow index), Tensile testing, HDT / Vicat (Thermo/mechanical properties), and compression capacity.

Dies / Molds – 25MM Square tubing, 25MM pipe, 50MM square tubing,
channel / unistrut, Brick 100x100x300mm, and experimenting with large injection molds. Currently we are using a 15mm NPT pipe fitting for beam extrusion.

–   Nozzle Size – 1mm – 8mm, This will be upgraded to a custom milled part(s).
A >1mm tri hole for fabric / thread(?)
Square nozzle, made by modified phillips(cross-head) bolt.

Performance Monitoring – Adding pressure / heat sensors, this should give us a better perspective on what our speed / heat settings are producing.

Motor – Replacing the current 2.2Kw Motor for a 3Kw motor with higher RPM potential.

Continuous Beam Extrusion Water cooling jacket R+D.

Ergonomics – Variable speed control through the use of a TIG welding pedal / Sewing pedal setup. Temperature controller placement.

These additions / upgrades are directed towards more efficient material output, and ease of machine use for product design.

An area I am particularly interested in are the problems our community is facing when it comes to constructing the extrusion machine. I am eager to hear / field some questions.

Stay tuned!

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15/05/2019 at 18:57

Thank you for posting the datasheet example. How are you measuring the melt temperature and pressure?

15/05/2019 at 21:41

hard to say without seeing the drawings or some fotos, in a way we can determine this tools and operations are really needed. i tend now after dozens of machines to avoid manual machining at all, just assembly of outsourced parts. regarding a v4 extruder I cant find any other way than buying just an industrial casting for the screw mount / thrust bearing / motor mount, these are relative cheap compared to trying this in a metal shop, resulting in way less at the end. 30 mm diameter, then we are at 3-5 Kw, I guess. 3-5 Kw is the standard contract limit of households, after 10 Kw you need a license/permission from the authorities btw.

15/05/2019 at 22:08

regarding the hopper mount; it would be great to have a standardized way so industrial hoppers/mixers can be mount (circular flange). these are quite cheap; i found them on second hand trades/auctions for about 100 – 300 euros just 🙂 typically a hopper has also an auger like feed control; ensuring max. control over quality ..

15/07/2019 at 10:53

@timslab, any news about the v4 screw? We just started today the v3 screw making documentation and postponed the v4 screw documentary for the end of the week.

08/08/2019 at 15:03

Hi @jovinc,

I am currently working on building my v3 extrusion machine,

We are having some troubles with our current motor, which is a 3kw, 200nm torque motor, with a max rpm of 500 at 50hz.

But it seems like the special extrusion screw needs a lot more torque to run. As currently, the motor comes to a halt as soon as we put the granulates in.

How much torque do you think is needed?

And what kind of connection (bearing, coupler) are you using for the connection to the motor? It would be great if you could provide some details of what exact parts you are using for your extruder.


09/08/2019 at 18:51

@rushabhc, sorry for the late answer. I know that 0.75Kw – 1480 RPM | 3phase via VFD | 1:30 reducer is doing just fine for a 65 cm industrial screw with 25 mm diameter. I left a vendor sources for the motor on the wiki page. For couplings I am not sure, we mill them ourself.

14/08/2019 at 16:57

Hey  @rushabhc

200 Nm torque motor is clearly sufficient for the v3 extrusion machine.

I maybe need more details about your installation with the barrel. If the motor halt when you put the granulates in, it’s not a problem with the coupling but more with the motor itself.

What I can suppose about your problem is that the coupling of your asynchronous motor (Delta or star) is not right. It depended on the mains voltage of your installation and the rated voltage of the motor.

If u don’t got the right configuration, the motor is running but with a really low torque 🙂

14/08/2019 at 17:07

Sorry for the late late reply..
We use a Dynisco indicator UPR900 with a Dynisco ECHO melt censor and a DYMT temperature censor. It’s a quite expensive purchase…

14/08/2019 at 19:21

@jovinc , Wow, that is a great investment. Hopefully you can publish some of the recorded data.
I think mapping what pressure is available at the nozzle for different plastics, nozzle diameters, temperatures, motor parameters (speed, torque, current) would greatly enhance the communities understanding of the extruder. It would also be interesting to know how the plastic flake size affects these since that will help size the shredder.

Thank you again for implementing a great piece of instrumentation.

14/08/2019 at 20:35

Yeah, thanks for the updates ! Here is btw. a 6 channel PID controller for heating and cooling; a little harder to control but I am intending to extend our v4 fork for a touchscreen anyway. Just to make sure folks can get a little easier to their beloved filament mile 🙂

06/10/2019 at 16:07

Thanks a lot @cgoflyn2 & @jovinc.

The machine is up and running now. It works like a charm. 🙂

09/10/2019 at 14:19

@rushabhc were i can see videos of all proces?

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