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Forklift diesel 3.5 ton FD

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Forklift diesel 3.5 ton FD

02/01/2019 at 06:16

The xe nang chay dau 3500kg belongs to diesel engine forklift series. The vehicle has a maximum lifting height of 3 meters, suitable for most types of work requiring lifting equipment.FD oil forklifts are manufactured at Noelift, one of the leading forklift brands in Taiwan. This is a 3 ton forklift with the lowest price and the most stable quality today.
Advantages of 3 ton forklift
– The car has a rugged design, combined with a durable protection frame. Brings absolute safety to the driver during use.
– The distance of the steering wheel, pedals, brakes and seats are arranged appropriately. Bring comfort, most convenient for users.
– 3-ton xe nang forklift truck with large, clear display. You will be able to fully observe the vehicle’s parameters such as fuel status, or technical error messages.
– The distance between the wheel and the big lift shaft, increases the driver’s observation ability.

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