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Hello from Rotterdam, The Netherlands


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Rowin Everaers rowine

Hello from Rotterdam, The Netherlands

20/09/2017 at 13:07


My name is Rowin, based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and as I started to spend more and more time on this forum reading and replying I think it’d be nice to introduce myself shortly.

Since last May I returned from travelling during 15 months in South-east Asia and Australia. Before that time my interest in sustainability, recycling and animal welfare was already there for a long time, but after seeing the disastrous results of human presence and lack of initiative and consciousness, it became absolutely clear to me that I want to devote my time on earth to fight back and do my part of the job to protect nature, educate people and inspire others to take part in it or care just a little bit more.

I just started working at BlueCity in Rotterdam (http://www.bluecity.nl) where I’m busy with all sorts of events. It’s a 12000 m² circular economy centre where it’s all about social and sustainable circular entrepreneurship and innovation, with working and event spaces and wet and dry labs. Currently there’s a big renovation going on to transform the part that was an old tropical indoor swimming pool. In a few years it will become one of the major circular economy hubs known in our country and I’m very proud to be a little part of it.

Pretty soon I will start volunteering at a initiative called Community Plastics (https://www.facebook.com/communityplastics/) in my city, where I will learn more about social entrepreneurship and upcycling plastics as we focus on collecting plastic ‘waste’ locally and giving back products that are beneficial to the neighbourhood and people that live there. Besides that we will provide working spaces to local people that experience difficulties in finding suitable employment. In near future our mission is to get this project up and running in multiple cities and different neighbourhoods. I’ll keep you guys updated of course and will start topics about experiments with plastics and so on soon.

Besides those 2 bigger things I’m currently experimenting with growing food indoors, spend a lot of time researching online about sustainability and related subjects, looking for some courses to do at home and so on. I’m always open and very interested in learning more about new projects and offering help at it. I find it great and inspiring to see what everyone here is doing and can’t wait to see more!

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17/10/2017 at 20:05

Hi @rowine
Nice to hear that you are doing so much stuff in Rotterdam.
I am international student in Nijmegen and I am interested to build the precious plastic machinery 😀
I hope to learn new knowledge about building the machine in here (never build a machine in my life). and I am looking forwards to learn more about movement fighting plastic pollution 🙂
Nice to meet you!


18/10/2017 at 00:39

Hi there!
My name is Rutger, I study sustainable value chains in Velp (near Arnhem). My skills are to connect smallholders (from developing countries) to markets and make the supply chains sustainable.

Five countries —China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam— account for half of the annual plastic pollution. I think it could make a huge impact if a long term upscaled (social) enterprise would be set up there.
It could be possible to set up a “Precious plastics facility” if you can set up a stable supply base and a market to channel the product to immediately.

I’m very interested in brainstorming via Skype or even irl. Also, I’m looking for an internship in 2018


07/11/2017 at 19:02

Hi Rowin! I’m Vera and together with a friend we are very interested in meeting you or joining your community plastics thing! How is it going so far? Did you built the plastic recycling machines already? Do you have an e-mailaddress or number I can contact you on? We’d love to join forces!

Ohja and by the way we are both living in Rotterdam as well 🙂

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