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Mould Design Community, what if…???


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Dario Zanon dzspain

Mould Design Community, what if…???

10/05/2016 at 12:16

Hi everyone! I’m absolutely excited with the idea, it’s a great one and with a big set of tools to go on but I just find a “weak point” about all this stuff when we pretend to recycle and reuse the plastic on Dave’s machines… MOULDS!

There is nothing to do with an extruder machine without a mould… so I’m wondering how can it be fixed and it is not a simple matter.

The first “pain point” is about mould design. It is not only a matter of shape but also a question of architecture as the final product should be “nice and useful (durable)” so I want to invite everyone on a discussion about “design inteligence”. My point of view is that the “designers knowledge” should be implemented on the project and maybe to create a “Plastic’s Design Market” where any producer could buy or borrow a plastic mould design to made.

On the other hand, once there’s a mould to be made, we should talk about aluminium recycling for greensand casting or CNC milling; so there’s a need about aluminium casting techics, technical knowledge and technical skills to provide.. but also CNC machines building, stepper motors control and CNC software for mould designs making.

I think that it could be great if we find the way to merge design knowledge, mould design libraries and a mould makers list to give this project a “ready to go” state.

About mould casting, I would like to advice about how useful and efficient could be a “mould makers network”, as it is needed various requirements to produce quality moulds for long lasting use and production such as machinery, knowledge, space, and so on… maybe to arrange a regional clustering could be a must in order to maximize start-up speed and reduce production expenses to someone’s project.

Do you want to join the discussion?

Thank’s for your attention 🙂

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06/06/2019 at 12:45

This is a great thread! I am currently experimenting with mouldmaking options involving lost wax casting of aluminium, cast plaster, or hand machined aluminium.
My addition to the thread, in relation to posts higher up about CAD design of moulds, is that I’ve found STEP files to be the most commonly used especially for 3D printing. I’m a Sketchup user, but the free version doesn’t allow export of STEP files only COLLADA files; but I’ve found that online convertors work fine to translate a COLLADA file into a STEP file you can download. I have sent these to Meshlabs.com for printing and they work fine, you just have to be careful that your units are correctly set to inches or mm so that your print comes out to scale.

09/08/2020 at 20:22

I have had the same discussion for years!!! But I think more and more people are making molds, so I hope the prices get down, so the complexity.  In Mexico we are looking for alternatives, for example we use the inyection machine to melt the plastic and the use a press https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0LP8aTaj_0&t=92s

Saludos desde México

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