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New App at your service!!

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Giovanni Minelli johnminelli

New App at your service!!

20/07/2019 at 15:42

Hi all,

first of all I’d like to introduce myself: I’m 22 years old. I’m a IT student at the University of Bologna italia at the last year of my course. I’ve some skills in the web developing and standalone application(for Win/Unix).

I followed the path of Dave Hakkens since the project of phoneblocks and and later the story about Precius Plastic. His green ideas and the great community have ever enlightened me (through project, yt videos and news) but i’ve never partecipated actively.

Now, i have to do an Android app for a course at my University. I’ve some suggested project by the teacher but I don’t like them and since I can propose something, i thought: maybe I can make something usefull for this community and also code something cool to pass the exam.
in short: Do you guys need a great app? Suggest ideas and I’ll be happy to make it, if it fit for me 😉


Disclaimer: I’m not sure how it works here but i’m not asking any money, i’ve no intention of publish the app on the store by myself to gain money on it and the code will be free and available on my Github http://github.com/johnMinelli/


Here to help,

Minelli Giovanni



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23/07/2019 at 21:54

yes, that would be great; in particular if you could make an app with this content :
– map to find nearest PP members more easy; you can debug with chrome the data; just fetch it and augment it with the user position.
– would be cool if you could enable amazon/ebay/craiglist/bazar search results near the user location. we started some similar efforts to write a new search engine
– another cool but important feature would be to add more stats to PP: for instance where people can enter the amount of plastic recycled, with details and a picture

let me know (i guess it’s hybrid tech); i still have one or more drawer full with todos on [email protected] 🙂

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