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NEW Precious Plastic in Antalya and Mallorca

Isabelle isabella0812

NEW Precious Plastic in Antalya and Mallorca

02/02/2020 at 12:33

Hey, everybody, I’m Isabelle and I live in Germany.
I have a non-profit charity: Ocean Fighter Crew e.V.

My goal is to set up a Precious Plastic Station in Mallorca and Antalya this summer. I would like to give new perspectives to the local people and to inform them about the problems of plastic. Carrying out beach clean ups together. I would be happy about any help. If there is anyone from Mallorca or Antalya here, please contact me! I have not yet built any machines myself, but nothing is impossible. I am glad to hear from you. I would be happy if any of you would like to realize this project together with me.
Many greetings from Munich!
Your Isabella

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17/03/2020 at 14:41

Hey there,
I currently live in Mallorca (to do my A levels) and have just heard about your precious plastic machines. Here we have quite an environmental conservation movement starting, with an organization directed towards stopping the use of single use water bottles, called Cleanwave. There is also an organization that does regular beach cleanups and checks the plastic pollution here on the balearic Islands, called SaveTheMed. I am connected with all environmental conservation groups around the island and am sure we would find a good place for a precious plastic machine. If you want to get in touch I would be more than happy.

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