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Open Economy to East African Community

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Mesfin thecushite

Open Economy to East African Community

07/06/2016 at 18:37

The Open Economy Model is the only best avenue to pursue so that communities achieve their vision and achieve their God given potential and live with peace. Mobile phones are playing an important role in Africa for achieving the set development goals despite the limitations in getting affordable high speed Internet services where the power of cooperation can be maximized.

The project “Phonebloks – A phone worth keeping” will greatly benefit Africa since it enables us to see the power of Modular production which enhance product life cycle and maintainability.

Please join me in taking the word to the people we dearly care. We must catch this train to realize our dreams and make our society benefit in this information era from the triumphant open source technology – the promise of the future! To me it is an Eye opening experience where the wealth is in our backyard, in our hearts and minds and it just requires us to cooperate and come out of “me! mine! I” mentality. When The True Light shines on us, we will display such love towards others as:
1. Dave Hakkens (http://preciousplastic.com & http://phonebloks.com),
2. Marcin Jakubowski (http://opensourceecology.org)
3. Catarina Mota (http://openmaterials.org)
4. Richard Stallman (https://www.gnu.org) and few others like them have done it.

Please sign up and learn Truth and spread the word!

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