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Plastic Bricks

Luiza luizafazzio

Plastic Bricks

10/05/2018 at 22:38

Hello everyone,

I was reading the topics and comments on the Forum and there are a lot of discussions about plastic bricks, lego houses and so on. Because I am supposed to begin some tests making bricks with PET powder, I decided to write a new topic for this subject. The bricks are not 100% plastic because it should be very resistant to be a house’s structure.

I would like to know if someone has already started this tests or projects building houses with these bricks. Let’s share ideas, “brick recipes” and molds inspirations.

If the molds work like lego toys, it would be much cheaper and sustainable. I really like this kind of bricks (https://www.facebook.com/JungleVT/videos/687153871457299/). They are wood bricks, but work pretty well.

Let’s recycle and make the difference!
Cheers 🙂

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23/02/2019 at 05:28

Can someone calculate the approximate cost for the plastic brick machinery ?

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23/02/2019 at 10:57

for around 10000 – 20000 + Euro any well equipped machine shop could do a near full-automatic brick machine: hopper -> shredder -> large extruder -> heated pipe acting as deposit -> hydraulic press -> cut off. takes 1-2 months to build. such system would be 2 – 3 meter long and about 300 Kg.

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13/05/2019 at 19:50

Hello all

I live in a country where plastic bricks are a reality.  A company was recently hired by Unicef to build classrooms entirely made of unsorted recycled plastic. The only plastic they do not use is PVC. And, yes, completely unsorted. All types mixed together. The final product is a lego-like item that comes from a mold.

They have built one classroom and will build more but I would like to learn how to do this locally. All the recycled plastic they use comes from Colombia and is shipped here to West Africa. A cost and not very environmentally friendly venture. We have plenty of plastic waste here and a strong economy built on the collection of plastic waste.  I would like to help direct that resource to classrooms at a fraction of the 9,000 dollars it costs to make (one classroom)  here. I know some of you have questioned the solidity of the classrooms or the comfort of the environment. It is actually quite cool in this very hot and humid climate. They do not use the bricks to support the roofing which is built on a hangar-like system that is supported on beams rooted to the concrete flooring. Does anyone have recommendations for how to start this business here? I recently saw that Hakkens added presses to his list of magical machines. Anyone interested in coming to help out with this project idea? Room and board will be provided in a loving vegetarian home. Oh, and yes, local governments and the UN agencies would be interested in paying for alternatives that use locally sourced waste.   am a program manager who dabbles in training of youth in wind energy when I am not engaged in conflict management activities in the region.


Article on the classroom


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01/06/2019 at 23:37

Hello folks , I am going to add a ton of comfort here for all of you wanting to produce artificial rocks / plastic bricks / and any other product here in our community . Firstly , only an original initial product is required = 1 or more depending on your scale of manufacturing required . A high heat automotive silicone can then be used to make all additional required mold  items , as long as the outer shell is solid . A very finely finished surface can also be achieved by simply filling and sanding with an automotive finishing putty . Next or an alternative is to make all additional molds out of fiberglass … so 1 template can be seriously multiplied …
when you see what everybody else is doing , add to the concept as in a better mouse trap , lol, and this is going to be great for everybody here because , the simple addition of a waste cooking oil or motor oil drip over the melt input will create a mold release agent and a better flow product , but a slightly over normal temperature will be required for production runs …
when we consider the UV (ultra-violet )factor into manufacturing potentials ,we must all consider what waste polluting plastic degrades the least when exposed to the sun , if quantities of that are not available , then proceed to the next level of degrading plastic . We must all remember that there is always a solution to a problem , when we share information and seriously discuss potentials , as in a plastic paint with a UV agent mixed into it = problem solved .  eg . as follows ,
way back in 1984 , I owned a house that required painting , so I used a polyester paint base , and combined that with an automotive polyester resin curing agent , and the result is that the house is still the same new looking color and same trim colors , but still look like new when pressure washed …the next paint development is a rubberized paint that can be tinted to any color , and then over sprayed with a clear UV gloss or matte finishing  application , only extremely high heat applied will allow for the paint to be removed without any original prepping of the under surface … the next is a residential application in development as we communicate , with nothing like it anywhere in the world …
As we research into our requirements we become much more intelligent regarding the subject of study , because that is where our focus is projected , so when we consider the structural strength regarding plastic bricks or plastic rock facia  forms , we see that a few people have already answered our question here , because many are adding a sand or dirt substrate into the mix , which can be done by a funnel application over our input mix tube , with a slide flow control mechanism at the out put port … continual flow potentials of waste plastic into the hopper  can be a simple belt or screw input addition with variable speed control for melt capabilities …
I see that a few people within the community are from very limited industrialized areas so , consider a 16 or so foot slide plat form that flows through 3 horizontal steel barrels welded together , your base is a solid brick wood burning stove with the horizontal barrel structure above , scaled as required for wood burning in the oven , with clean out ports , and wood input ports … your input air can be several re cycled computer fans running on several small solar cells , your exhaust can be a welded or brick over form that flows into 2 or 3 vertically welded together barrels with the input at the top area and the out put about 1/3 of the way from the bottom of the vertical barrels , water tubing or containers can be attached for hot water capabilities as well , a clean out grate area at the bottom of the vertical barrels can be also created for the heavier than air particulates , a draw air tube can  be side attached back into the fire as well for extra burning of any carbon resulting from any smoke or un-burnt potentials , your vertical barrel out put exhaust air can be long cycled so as to capture heat as well for pre heating of plastics or waste oils , … re-cycled plastics with wood burning and clean exhaust emittence …your mold form can be a slide in application run by a solar powered or manually pulled through melting system with a heavy out put door so as to slide over the molds and auto level all forms for ant potential over fill melt …
I do hope that I have given a few new potentials to this group for considerations …good melting and wishes to all …Teslaguysquires out for now …

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02/06/2019 at 08:13

Hi Thomas @teslaguysquires,


Interesting concept, but could you please add a drawing or two?

I think I got most of what you are describing, but a few pictures would make it way easier to understand.


Or if somebody has any photos of a similar contraption, even better!


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