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Plastic recycling in Sri Lanka

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stephen gapes stephengapes

Plastic recycling in Sri Lanka

11/04/2019 at 07:23

I’m a retired Australian now living in Sri Lanka.
A Sri Lankan friend and I are putting together a proposal to start a community project employing village women to recycle plastics into usable items.
I’ve looked at all the videos and read the posts here.
I’m trying to find if I can have the machines made here otherwise we’ll purchase what we need.
Definitely a shredder.
I don’t think we need to start off with an extruder but can you tell me if we’ll need bother an injector and a compressor? Or can we get away with one or two injectors?
We’re looking at starting small with a few simple items to sell for the local community to use such as bowls, maybe kids’ toys and some tourist items like a keyring, wall hook, coasters?
We can’t purchase machines in Sri Lanka. Can anyone suggest a reliable source closer than the USA or Europe, maybe India?

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12/04/2019 at 01:12

hey there, there is a group of surfers in sri-lanka, https://www.pure-oceans.org/. eventually you can help and team up. they have the same problem : hard to get machines over there.

what machines: the PP extrusion, compression and injection is  a little tedious and undersized, production vise. have you considered therma / blow forming yet ? a sheet press can also do it’s magic in the right hands. if you’re on a budget, try to figure first the product before throwing big $$ at this sort of machines.

if you can wait a little, possibly we have better injection, more suited for production, send an email to [email protected] to get updates 🙂

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