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Precious Benches – community help!

Maria mariadermosessian

Precious Benches – community help!

15/08/2018 at 14:22

Hello everyone!

Not sure my first post got through, but I’m going to give this another try ):

I’m new to the community here and any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

My name is Maria and I am currently working as a designer and researcher on Proper Plastic, an initiative by Proper Company, in Yerevan, Armenia.

“Armenia’s first sustainable design lab that innovatively addresses plastic pollution and waste management,by converting waste plastic materials into commercially viable products and increasing environmental awareness.” 

We have been working on some environmental awareness campaigns with some local and international organisations here, and we want to expand our learning into a social project, i.e. designing a public space using recycled plastic.
We’ll be making benches using Precious Plastic beams for the seats.
(The photo is a mock-up and not the final visualisation of our bench)

We have already built the shredder and the oven, and are in the process of getting the extruder ready.
We’ve also partnered with some local organisations that are helping us with mobalising the public and collecting HDPE plastic.  We want to know how much storage space we need. So if anyone has any experience with this: how much HDPE plastic is needed (in kg) to yield a beam (per square meter)?

Our beams will be 200cm in length, 3cm in height and 15cm in width. Can anyone estimate how much plastic we would need for that?
Also, we have some public safety concerns – would the plastic hold? We want people to use these benches for a long time and we want our beams to last a very long time. Do you think the sizes are safe, or should we use smaller sizes?

Lastly, if anyone wants to get in touch, stop by for coffee or just share some insight, please do so!

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05/10/2018 at 19:33

Hi there. Though this comes late, but I hope it gets helpful. I always do my calculations based on 1g/cm³. The official density is 0.97g/cm³ so I do round it off to accommodate wastage and givee easy time with calculations, though at timea materials do come out lighter due to air build up. Your beam will thus be around 15kgs.

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