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Precious Plastic Åland

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Michael ashrak

Precious Plastic Åland

02/06/2017 at 09:47

Finally got my thumb out.. And made a page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/preciousplasticaland/ it is in Swedish and English.

Our first project is to build a shredder and a extruder to recycle 3D-prints for Optinova. (The Optinova Group is one of the leading global suppliers of advanced tubing solutions for the global medical device industry)

Will share the development and solutions here on the forum and on our FB page.

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13/03/2018 at 15:28

Yeah, I noticed that, and was about to write about it, but it is working now and I edited my post 🙂 Thank you.

19/03/2018 at 21:18

An update.

Assembled the “Optinova” shredder unit, had some problem with the shredder jamming, spent some frustrating hours solving it. (do not rush and try to assemble the shredder unit fast, have patiance and take your time, when tighting the bolts, check if the axle spins, and make sure your bearings are the same (I had 3 slighly different bearing housing) )

Because I am doing this on my spare time, I usually only got like 1-2 hours each time. And because of the shredder unit problem, I did not get so much done as I hoped for.

Aligned the shredder unit and motor/gearbox on the frame, got some power tool failures.

Now there is the hopper and the electric part left to do.

Slowly getting there.

19/03/2018 at 23:54

Thanks a lot for this precious @ashrak pictures and evolution
Hope I can try to do the same…
Waiting your next posts

20/03/2018 at 03:18

Thank you @dbougas !

You can do anything as long as you have the will to do it 🙂

I edited the recent post (the one with the image), did not have the time to complete the update erlier.

24/01/2019 at 04:21

that extruder screw! wood auger right? tricky idea 🙂 i agreee that buying available parts is cheaper than ordering in machining workshop

25/01/2019 at 04:34

is it work fine?

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