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Precious Plastic App ?


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Precious Plastic App ?

18/08/2019 at 01:25

hey there,
I think this came up a few times and there are some little challenges like maintenance to it but looking at the overwhelming crowd with skills here, I think it makes sense to start collecting ideas.

The v3 / v4 content itself doesn’t need an application but eventually other things like a virtual currency (reward), a QR scanner and other things as the map could be done more appealing and useful.

My favorites for now :
1. enter what & how much plastic you collected and recycled
2. better map for networking
3. add pictures, issues and even know-how to v3/v4 content
4. general notifications
5. … more to come

feel free to add …

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21/08/2019 at 20:32

6. my dear friends & beloved enemies, this last 2 years brought more worrying news to the table than ever before and I wonder sometimes that plastic deserves that much energy and attention. I don’t know myself of the success rate of petitions and honestly I am missing out too many of them. With the main stream news doing business as usual even more efficient and the internet being more and more polluted with fake and buzz, I began wondering we could use the PP community outlet & forces to be better informed at least. My self stopped watching TV 20 years ago… So here is the next feature : adding a crisis like the recent burn of the Amazon and/or petition|projects to the database or map. Something users can do easily instead of reading shampoo bottles on the shitter … To me in every project we touch there is always a little educational mission and this feature represents an uplink to the bigger problems one may feel more comfortable to work on …

thanks everyone

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24/08/2019 at 01:20

I had a walk through past projects and the one army code. Those features are implemented or easy to get:

1. QR code scanning (also bar code scanning, all standards)
2. Virtual currency (reward system), block chain based
3. Writing & uploading media to content (interesting for adding community variants of the v3/v4 machine portfolio )
4. Notification system
5. Advanced maps incl. adding new content, for instance : projects, places, people, disasters, or just pictures of cats …)

That will more or less provide the features mentioned in the initial post. platform : Ionic (angular) on Cordova (enables access to lots of native functions, bluetooth, camera, location..).

I will wait til one-army gets in dry towels for now and start shooting. Goes on the house.

, feel free to add.

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27/08/2019 at 18:57

There is another idea, mentioned by @s2019. I am just adding this here for house keeping ..

New candidate: feature nr. 7 : Upload pictures and data for products missing plastic type stamp/marker. Unimportant, my skills in picture processing are pretty much outdated but nowadays it seems even more easy & accurate to extract text from labels. And as said, bar code scanning is an option too but I just have no idea there is data mapped to this codes.

New candidate: feature nr. 8 : interaction possibilities with the great PP Podcast

ps: I am just collecting ideas. Please add notes for details or it’s implementation here.

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