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Precious – Plastic – as Open – Source Movement


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Precious – Plastic – as Open – Source Movement

22/09/2019 at 15:25

Hey there,
a little background :
– “Open Source” brought us all here in the first place but on the way it faded to ‘open sourced’ only

– There are lot of PP related open source activities but non of them get’s any visibility on the main page / portal. If it all, it’s getting mentioned on the monthly news youtube feed which is also quite a different stage and audience, coming with it’s own barriers. Still nothing which folks can find back so easily
– I understand the open source files published by the Eindhoven group rather as top – level guidance but the past showed that important updates are not integrated and hard to find here in the forum
– Every community contribution needs to be promoted with quite some efforts
– The OneArmy How-To section is rather unfitted for wider & complex open source PP projects but also for simple things, there is still too much to do authoring tools wise.
– We’re lacking protocols and templates to drive a world wide PP open-source movement thus unable to engage folks in such efforts

So the sad thing is that PP is not promoting and supporting open-source per-se and so we have lot’s of fragmentation and lost innovation. There is just a handful who release their plans. That’s a pity because there are good ideas but those will never make into the public PP portfolio and there are quite some game changers out there.

Having now built precious-plastic.org and watched it closely, I can confirm people are hungry for addons, molds, new machines … Unfortunately it’s consuming a lot of time to get people to know that site.

Ourself, have 4 new machines – completely documented, and a good bunch of addons and components. We also release some templates and general protocol to integrate and review contributions soon. We’d like to see this as best practice.

So, what’s the best way or place to announce Open Source contributions ?

thanks everybody,


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