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Precious plastic…business??

Lindsay Lutz lindsayml

Precious plastic…business??

01/05/2018 at 10:14

Ive been having this nagging idea to make the precious plastic idea into a little store and education center here in my town. I’d have to invest in the machines (building, spare parts, etc.) And a 3D printer because I want to turn most of the recycled plastic into 3D filament that is then used to create custom items for customers. Machines would be on the low tech side, atleast the shredder and washer. Man powered shredder to get people actively involved in the process. I’d also turn it into education because I’d teach those around me about recycling, plastics and everything I can. I’d try to keep things minimal so I could also travel to local festivals and do collections and education there too! I need the space, the hands, and the materials. Also need to know if I’m even allowed to make this into a business. Gotta pay the bills and this would almost be a full time job. Thoughts would be helpful!!

Panama city, Florida, USA

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16/05/2018 at 16:13

Start small, dream big and don’t try doing it all by yourself.  Ask your friends to help, make new friends in high places and share the credits along the way.  The least expensive way to get started is by using the resources of your local Library and reading every book you can on the subject of recycling and read all the forums and blogs you can.  If your Library doesn’t have a book order it from the Library exchange system.
3D printing is the way the trend of the future.  Learn as much as you can about the subject.  Find someone in your area that has a 3 D printer and learn how to use it.  Master the software, become a professional on the subject, than produce a E book and share with the world.  We have a small Library in Indiana that invested in a 3 D printer just to teach what can and could be done with it and now has a hard time keeping up with the needed filament.   Their problem was that the students wanted to build more and more items that the staff did not know how to go about assisting them in their project.  So learn all you can and be that expert.
Find a 3 D printer that you can afford and find investors to help fund it.  Learn all you can and than teach others how to use it.  Charge a rate that will pay for your time and the cost of the printer.   Have each student pay for their own
filament.  Order your filament from the Bazar rather than Amazon or a big company, help support others in the community.
So as your learning “dream” of your own operation starting with a business plan and working your plan.  Start out with it being a hobby and always having fun with what you do; sharing your dreams with others and have them dream with you.      Good luck and I hope this inspired you to go for it.

29/05/2018 at 17:33

lindsayml I do believe in your project! Actually my idea is to create something very similar to you, but in Portugal, or France, where I live now.
I do agree with loadbuster. Its the way!
For example, for me, I need to keep money coming in. My husband can easely build all the machines but parts cost money.
My solution for now was teaming up with a local artist that is passionate for paper recycling (take a look on luisartdeco2a on facebook or instagram). The idea is to gradually raise awereness, meet new people, sell her products, teatch the new generations so that I can have a job and grow my project at the same time!
Be brave, be fearless!

Walk every step and you will achieve all your mightiest dreams!

Stay well

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