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Precious Plastic Version 4? 😮

Dave Hakkens davehakkens

Precious Plastic Version 4? 😮

30/01/2018 at 22:19

You might have been aware that we launched Precious Plastic Version 3 a few months back. Maybe. We made many new things, introduced the bazar, container workspace, a series of art objects, a map for collaboration, more techniques and a way for the community to share their own tutorial videos. Quite a lot. Our main focus for this version was on expanding the platform and making it easier for people to collaborate.

This period is really fun for us. Seeing what the community, you guys do with the information. Always exciting to see if its used the way we intended. But besides observing we also gather feedback, comments, posts, topics we see or improvements we could do. And I can’t help myself, but slowly I think about what a V4 would look like.

So thats where this topic is for. To share your ideas, suggestions,improvements. What would you like Precious Plastic to work on and improve next? Throw it in here! Together we set the course 💪
*Oh and I might look inactive every now and then because i don’t leave a reply but I read all of it. No kidding.

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07/05/2018 at 22:02

I agree with many of the above sentiments. While upgrades for the existing machines are welcome, I too, think we need to focus on the addition of washing (top priority, IMO) and sheet-making machines. Sheets of materials are easier for my personal storage solution, and the use of sheet plastic can be seen in a lot of different avenues.


17/05/2018 at 22:26

Lot of designers here around…
What’s about machine with beautiful design in order to do promotion  of PP with the started logo signature.
Basic shredder with round shape protection.

28/05/2018 at 08:58

Now that welding-based 3D printing is as cheap and viable as plastic-based, maybe do some research into what parts of what machines can be printed, to (perhaps drastically) reduce costs? Maybe some of the parts could be printed with plastic too, like how the reprap is partially 3D printed.

28/05/2018 at 11:25

The motors for shredder and extruder from scratch.

28/05/2018 at 15:18

Why don’t you set up a training school where people can go and learn how to build the machines.
Those people can them become trainers/builders and could visit places/communities that want to learn but don’t know where to begin.
We are a school with a well equipped workshop but some of the machines have daunted us a bit. The electronics for example seems very challenging and could put people off starting to build.

28/05/2018 at 15:22

Hi everyone,

This is my point of view on the V4 version :

– I think machines will get natural improvement if more people take part in PP project, so I don’t think it’s key to the project development

– So I think the question V4 has to answer is Why are people not joining this awsome project ?

-> Is it because it costs money ?
===> I don’t think so, a Macbook costs more money 🙂 Ok, it can be a problem for some communities, but it’s more a problem of investment, because then your can earn money with the project.

-> Is it because they don’t know about it ?

===> I think yes, it’s part of the answer, so I would develop the notoriety of the project among Engeneering Schools (Have you heard about Shell Eco-Marathon ? We could have the same for PP ?) and most of all, among environmental non profit ! They are always looking for this kind of very concrete project, it would spread very fast I think. We could also work with small towns mayors, where there are looking for projects to gather the citizens with innovation, so they can be a model for others cities and attract new citizens.

-> Is it people don’t feel able to create a PP local project, even with your precious plans and advice ?

===> Well, I have to say, very personnally, I’ve been following you since a year now, and as I’m not an engeneer, and also I think, as I’m a woman, I never felt able to realise the machines.

There are two parts of the project who could be easier to me :

Building the machines. I know videos are already detailed but when you start from scratch, a MOOC would be perfect. Very seperate part of machine buildings could be teached by members of the community ? As well as basic knowledge on engeneering ?

– Designing the molds. I think it’s useless for environment to create an object from recycled plastic, and then selling it far away. So maybe we could have instead a big librairy of 3D molds plans, with plans from every PP community of the world ? So that growing community will not start from cratch in every field of the PP project ? I’m ready to buy mold plans, also to emprove them to be fashionable, it could be easier to involve new members if, before the machines, they could realise how many nice objects we can do with them. I always look on instagram to see what community members did, but I think there are not enough objects.


Also I’m MORE THAN READY to help building a worldwide communication kit which could be used by every community in their countries with their politics, schools and non-profits. Even with industries, to help collecting plastic in larger quantities.

28/05/2018 at 16:56

I agree with ‘ervengue’. It would make so much more sense to help 1-2 machinist in a country who then can provide cheaper machines inside the country.

I am trying since quite a while now to have the machines cheaper but it requires too much invest to produce this machines more efficient and cheaper. Right now I am already good equipped but it’s nothing compared what you actually need to build this machines in series. For now, I am tackling the extrusion machine (drill , average cost : 100e) and a self-made motor reducer(average cost : 300 – 500 euro) and also trying to find a cheaper way to make blades (laser cut = 200 euro) out of cylinders with a CNC & lathe. With proper machinery the shredder could be reduced from 1200 Euro (strong & quality) down to 400 Euro. Also I noticed that the shredder should be combined with the extruder (along the same drive shaft) = this alone saves you another motor and reducer. I do this in my spare time and it’s pretty hard with limited resources, other machine builders seem to have the same problem, that’s why: please funnel your resources per country/continent, make sure we can produce machines cheaper and in return we can shred more plastic.

I also noticed the lack of resources for mold builders, same story: allocate per continent some guys you can count on to make cheap molds. Right now I’m preparing some videos to introduce and motivate the PP community to build their own CNC (for less than 2500 euro = 5 molds).

just saying, currently I think we are way too fragmented. The items in the bazar are not moving, and worst: I can’t get quotes on a stock-plastic request. That’s a clear sign that we’re stuck 🙂

it also seems there are 2 different kind of people here: people doing some plastic shredding for fancy stuff like cups, lamps,…and others who would do
this on a professional base, ie: make a living with plastic (me) because, doing this as hobby requires still tooo much time, not sure how this could remotely change anything. I think as long we don’t get plastic back into system more organized, we’re stuck in the ‘nice idea’ phase of the project (please don’t beat me).

There are also more events and 3dhubs in countries, someone should get there and connect the PP community 🙂

kind regards,

28/05/2018 at 16:59

Well First of all i want to congratulate with you for the effort you put in this project and the amazing result u get 😀 Keep going !!!

Just want to share my thought with you hoping you can find something interesting and feasible to grow with this kind of activity.

I’m not aware about legal constrain (trying to solve Italian chaos but Netherlands may be more easy or complicated, I dunno ) but my point is to set up a rubbish dump place and with only that materials building stuffs as small home machines or experimental projects. (3d printer for example could be a good open source plan to build all the machines you can imagine).

(Just for a remind on what could be : http://opensourceecology.org/wiki/Main_Page , don’t know if it still alive)

So talking out of the teeth :
100.000 for a place, no need building but may be better :D, most square meter you can get better it is; (this cost should include Tax and permission to deal with waste material)

50.000 For solar power plant that provide all the power needed to build the machines

~150.000 may pay  15 ppl for a year to start a sustainable economic plan to make this laboratory stable and maybe draw a profile on how to grow in recycling direction.
(I’m reasoning about what figure may create a complete work-group and i got to this answer with no reasonable cognition:

1 mechanic 1 electrotechnician 1 chemist  1 human/economical  resource manager 2 lawyers 3 social managers 2 software engineers 1 warehouse worker (the rest is free space for what every project needs)

Most important part is taking control of wasted electronic component so you can use that as you need.

This structure may provide spare parts for who want to Build their own machines (in change of some work like disassembling or provide needed work for the lab) but the focus of my idea is to use all the waste for a basic physics research laboratory, it’s possible to start from the approximate data retrieved with no precision instrument to evolve and build more precise instruments to do the job. (the point is a place where ppl can learn, experiment and make something in a social environment so if u don’t have the money you can do it anyway, this place must be a kept much open source as possible to provide open knowledge)

Ok … that’s enough … i can go on flying with my mind but i can only imagine about resources and manual skills , not able to understand the market and how to survive in that jungle (what i can see is that if u do something good you are out of the market).

Feel free to contact me for clarifications  but if u r here i suppose you can  understand my point

Thanks again for your work and your effort


I would love to be one of that 15 ppl but i’m not sure to be skilled enough to be profitable for your vision.

So i got it late but you already started PROJECT KAMP! and what i wrote is in practical that.

28/05/2018 at 19:04

here my toughts on v4:
– avoid this bloody hex bar, laser cuts altogether. because that design alone doubles – tripples the price for the blades and also forces people to buy from pretty expensive laser services:
– use more thick and shorter blades, just as in industry shredders, that’s also far more easy to machine with traditional machines: lathe & mills as in most metal shops present. also to avoid wear outs
– consider a low cost build/variant with belt drives, those are relative easy and cheap to produce, also in emerging countries
– combine shredder and extruder in one machine, avoids the extra motor and reducer
please stop exposing your scrap yard based prices! it creates the illusion this is cheap whilst in reality machine builders just don’t have the time to visit scrap yards over and over again to find the right parts. you can also show people 2 different prices: with new components = 1000-1400 euro, and your scrap yard variant
– please include resource list in the documents (components & sources & services per country/continent)
– please make the resource part on Github available
– please include metrics : shredding & extrusion capacity, average power consumption
– please include limits of the machines, ie: the PP shredder is actually pretty limited, …
– please make bazar & site metrics available
– please include wiring diagrams for the eletronics

that’s it for now, if you guys need a hand…. i’m currently compiling such lists, also videos to build a CNC for molds,…
kind regards,

28/05/2018 at 19:26


Good input! Thanks!

-Lasercutting: what would you recommend using instead of lasercut parts?

-Shorter blades: I totally agree! Our shredder gets stuck often because of the not optimal blade design! – However I wouldn’t make them thicker.
-Belt drives are maybe cheaper, but also more difficult to build and have huge safety hazards in comparison to a gearbox.

-Shredder & extruder combined: Good idea for an alternative design. Also should be no big problem if you have the plans for both machines 😉
-Price estimate: I agree! Maybe show a price range. The more time, the cheaper etc.

-How do you define the limitations of a DIY machine where every machine is diffrent from another(motor, shaft, etc.)?


But yeah I think a different shredder blade design would be amazing, optimally in a way that one can upgrade an existing shredder!


All the best


28/05/2018 at 19:40

laser cut alternative: to avoid of laser cuts and use traditional machines (mill or low-budget CNC as i have), you can use discs and stuck them together. i can share more detail next week after i’m done with the first experiments: basically as in industrial shredders: one large disc representing the blade, and one smaller disc serving as washer (as in PP design). that larger disc can be machined with a mill and even an angle grinder. to avoid the hex bar: put a stick though all and weld the outer discs on the shaft, this can be improved but it’s pretty solid & cheap design.

by limits i mean the limits of the machines according to the official PP specifications: ie:  no HDEP bottles,… maximum extrusion volume per second.

i opened a thread here in the forum : “inefficient blade design”, i will post updates there as soon I can 🙂

the reason i came up: i have 2 different clients, people with or without money. on the belt variant i will give updates soon too. you need a reducer of min. 200 euro in the EU to make this work good 🙂 in other continents this may get even worst. there is for instance no scrap yard here in spain with reducers for the mentioned price in the PP documents.
seeya soon,

28/05/2018 at 19:45

as reference: i cutted all parts to spec on my low-budget CNC, it took 2 days machining time, 4x 8mm end-mills (120) and around 60 euro for electricity. if i would have started with discs just and cut a knife like shape in it, i could have do with 2 end mills, and a third of the time and electricity = 100 euro for blades and washers. the box is anyways easy to do.

28/05/2018 at 19:54

@flo-2 i saw industrial shredders with very short knifes running at really high speed, giving me hope that the reducer can be eliminated. i will see how this goes soon 🙂

28/05/2018 at 20:37

As this is my first post, Hello Everyone!

My thoughts about next steps:

Give up making filament for 3D printing. It have to be very strict with dimensions, else it will block nozzle and make a lot of frustration. Also most of people print with PLA, which is non-toxic (no fumes) and fully bio-degradable. Focus on other things:

1. Recycled products. We have to design better products to showcase this technology. They must be useful, with nice feel and unique look. Like multi-coloured bowls, things you don’t see in supermarket. Avoid fragmentation, product must be universal, for everybody (a case for exact smartphone model is not the best choice). Maybe household goodies? Jewelry? Half-finished products, maybe knifes handles (for someone to make full knife of course). Also I think making or buying simple CNC machine for molds will help A LOT.

2/ Communication and promotion. There is a tool in youtube to make translations, you could mention it sometimes, Dave! I think more people will then help with translation of Precious Plastic videos! There is huge number of people that doesn’t speak english, that would love this idea, we shall reach to them. I will help with translation to polish, as I see nobody made it yet.

2a/ Maybe we should open websites in local languages, that will show this idea, explain motivation and direct here.
2b/ I also think we should design a poster/brochure with a brief description of project, for everybody to print and deliver (or just e-mail) to Fab Labs and Hackerspaces etc. Also universities, workshops, eco-friendly organizations, media like LowTechMagazine.com, and basically every place they may like the idea.

3/ 100% for pedal powered shredder. Also shredder+extuder combined sounds great.

4/ To improve design – get inspiration from industrial solutions like https://www.mercodor.de/en/html/shredder_mz.html maybe even contact and visit companies within recycling industry.

That’s all, btw congrats on the prize!

28/05/2018 at 20:55

@mate : thumbs up to all what you just said ! I am also waiting for stock plastics, i have plenty of small niche products (expensive ones: cable insulation, screw caps, tool holders,… ) in the queue. My hope was to simple order such stock plastics (bars, cylinders) from PP – bazar and start producing but i can’t even get a quote… I already asked traders around here, they would buy it definitely. All I’m saying: the money is there, waiting for us to pick it up. I can’t wait for the day where we have metrics on the PP site: x tons plastic recycled today, x tons back in circulation,…. kudos!


29/05/2018 at 07:58

Hey everyone, I’m not as active as I wish I could be but have a lady currently and havebt been able to share much. I worked in a plastics injection molding company as a teenager and have always been into wanting to find usable ways to use plastic.

What I want to be involved in is a way for us to recycle plastic, and build homes.  Take plastic and extrude it into a shape that can be stacked and built together like Legos in a way to help homelessness in the United States and in areas of poverty all over the world.  I have a design in mind for how to blocks would be built, and in finding ways to use these blocks for other things like storage sheds or garden walls, etc could be ways to continue working on building housing and pay our living needs.

After seeing the sad state of some counties around the world and the sad state of homeless in the US makes me want this to happen even more.

Every human needs 3 things, food, water, and shelter. I want to provide #3 to everyone around the world

29/05/2018 at 08:04

I think that it is a multi-pronged approach that should be taken to help solve the  plastic pollution problem in a sustainable way and the international Precious Plastic community can help lead the solution.

1. Starting at the source, we need to help the companies that are the largest producers of single use plastic waste  (i.e. from B.A.N. 2.0 study – Starbucks, Coke, Wrigley’s, McDonalds) to find viable alternatives to single use plastics as the delivery mechanisms of their products. Consumers currently do not have many convenient, non-single use or plastic-free options which is why the average consumer is not willing to change their behavior and why we have so much plastic waste. I think that money invested in research and development of production capabilities of viable alternatives is critical. And, efforts for outreach and activism to get these large multi-national brands to change will be necessary.

2. We still need to do something with the near endless amounts of plastic waste that exists today. I suggest that we figure out ways to easily and quickly convert the large amount of plastic waste into USEFUL objects. So far Precious Plastic has done great at driving awareness and making plastic recycling accessible to everyone, but I think that we need to make sure we aren’t turning garbage into garbage and thus making things that will be thrown away (or only a small percentage recycled).  As a community we should focus on creating objects that will be used for 5+ or even 20+ years like building materials. For this reason, I think that machines focused on building wall panels and building materials will be most worthwhile.

3. Figure out ways to take plastic ‘out of circulation’ – since the use of plastic is going to continue to cause problems for our oceans and global pollution till it is either 100% recycled (which is highly unlikely to ever happen) or we have come up with better alternatives. My somewhat idealistic vision is that we could figure out ways to collect and protect the plastic so that it never goes back into circulation. Think of building something like the great pyramids out of plastic that would be a protected monument that would never get torn down or recycled. It would ideally be a tourist attraction to drive awareness to the period of history when people thought there was no way to live without plastics.

I invite you to continue the conversation about how we join forces to make a global impact on the plastic pollution crisis.


29/05/2018 at 09:36

Please read this! This seems to be the most effective plan for Project Kamp!


We are working on developing project kamp here in Brazil, that is, building a new city, starting by first developing the recycling center of the city and then, building the rest of the city around it with plastic and metal trash we colect for free from the surrounding cities as the main raw material with which we build the city. Also, after the recycling center is done and working, the next thing is to develop machines made from the recyled materials to set up a vegetarian burger production line. the same way you guys made a set of machines to recycle plastic, we aim t o build a set of machines to produce raw vegan hamburgers, vegan cheese, bread, and beltways and what not so as to make a production line where vegan sandwiches are produced automatically, without any need for human labor. produce a vegan meal that is cheap and accessible to everyone. so the step-by-step for project kamp COULD be:1. form a group of people;2. raise the money;3. buy a piece of land that is large enough and as flat as possible;4. form a multi-sector cooperative5. design the city, that is create the blueprint of it6. begin construction, starting with the recycling center7. once recycling center is operational, use it to produce recycled plastic bricks or houses and to produce machines that automate the production of food (agriculture) and water, and the transportation and preparation of food… with this vegan cheap food you can sell it to near by towns and make profit and use it to further develop the project and the new city… and the same goes for the plastic houses…

29/05/2018 at 09:57

Explaining deeper, stuff about Project Kamp. The goal of any project similar to project Kamp should be to achieve selfsufficiency, that is, to produce all of the goods and services that the community needs (very important to make the distinction between needs and wants) like food, water, shelter, sewage, recycling, production of goods (like clothing, hygiene and cleaning products) education and health… If the members of the community have to go out of the community into the old cities to access a dentist, and to buy cleaning products, that will generate problems. The more efficient the community is, in terms of producing and distributing goods and services, the better its functioning will be. So we have to be strategic, develop a strategic plan that makes the projects development viable. And what makes things accessible is automation. Automating the process of production and distribution of goods and services makes these goods and services cheap or even free (which is the goal, everything free for everyone) so, again, my suggestion for the Project Kamp is to make it as organized and startegic as possible. Buy a piece of land. Build recycling center. With recycled plastic (and metal, Precious Metal should be done too) build houses and machines that produce food (like Farmbot) and machines that transport it and prepare and cook it. As I’ve said befor, we could build a Vegan Burger Factory, a building with a set of machines and beltways that receive the vegetables, wash them, cut them mix them and prepare them into vegan sandwiches that are designed (by nutrition professionals) to serve as a full meal and sandwiches that are also very cheap… the sandwiches would come out of the factory wrapped in a paper package (which could serve and a newsletter) and could be distributed to the adjacent cities to be sold in Automated Vending Machines… we are all familarized with such machines, think about it, these machines can sell vegan burgers, full vegan health-bomb meals. think of the impact of general public health. millions of homeless people being able to access healthy food. This is the first time I’m sharing this idea with anyone, and I had it very recently. If we also produced these Automated Vending Machines, making them Precious plastic style, with recycled materials, we could lower their cost tremendly, considering that these machines as sold by the current companies that make them are enourmous, like 10 thousand euro for one machine… Also, we could develop these machines to accept 2kg of plastic of metal trash in exchange for 1 sandwich, this way homeless people could collect trash from the streets and buy food with it. the only workers necessary would be one or two supervisioning the factories, and the people trasnporting the burgers from factory to vending machine, replenishing it when its empty. the transporter delivers the batch of sandwiches to the vending machine and take the trash collected back to where the factory is (project kamp, where the food is produced and also where the recycling of the trash collected wil take place) where it is used to build new machines to be sold for other regions in a form of franchising. Please, I’ve been studying the Resource Based Economy and how to build a succesful sustainable community where everything is free for everyone for 8 years, please take what I’m saying into consideration, its very important. I available for any doubts or questions and available as well for moving and helping out, however I still think you guys should come here to Brazil and make project Kamp here, 300.000 euro is 1.5 milion real (our currency), we can buy a piece of land large enough for a city of 10.000 people with that and still have 500.000 to invest in the begining of the construction…

29/05/2018 at 12:51

Ahh man, congratulations with that funding, so well-deserved!

– I’d like to see some more research and information spreading on health and safety for using plastics and the machines. I feel like there’s a quite some people having questions on topic and there’s no real funded proof of this (or I missed out on this)
If you’re interested, I got contact information from a very helpful guy working here: https://www.centexbel.be/nl/vkc-homepage. They used to be called “Flanders plasticvision” and a few years ago I had a tour at their research center. They have a lot of knowledge on plastics but also on recycling. They have test-labs for checking strengths etc. And the guy is very helpful.
They used to be a non-profit organization, which I believe is an important factor for collaborating with Precious Plastic. But I’m not sure what the current structure of the company is.

– I noticed there’s quite some room for improvement on making the machines efficient for production purposes. Maybe this could be a focus for V4, as this will decrease the cost for producing products and making it more sustainable to set up a recycling shop. Which leads me to my next point.

– I agree with getting a better idea over a business plan. It would be awesome if the machines would be able to sustain the people who are running a recycling center somehow, and not need to rely on funding. I’ve just seen @siemenb ‘s topic who has been doing an awesome job so far. A lot of information will need to come from the community to do this. From people who have tried selling products: What works, what doesn’t? What have you tried? What generates most income? Perhaps do a cost-benefit analysis on the machines to see which opportunities you get from which machine? And how does this information relate to different cultures? Just thinking out loud here.
In Western countries I think workshops are quite popular and I see a potential there: The people taking the workshops learn while doing. They’d bring their own trash and create an object with it. They learn more about recycling, learn more about the importance of separating and cleaning plastics (or even which product to buy that are the easiest to recycle), and get to make an object which they can take home to tell others about it. I think there’s people already out there doing this, but maybe it could be good for V4 to make some guidelines for doing this?

Anyway, so far for my rambling here. Above has been written on several times of the day so there might be some weirdness in there.

29/05/2018 at 19:00

to speed up things and come back to the idea mentioned above (support machine builders per continent) :

– if you have a reliable and cheap source for laser cutting per continent, we can reduce the shredder box from 300 – 400 down to 100 only. because the fiber laser needed is around 5000 euro. ideally a machine builder has a router already or at least can complete the laser CNC router for pretty cheap.  in that case i’d contribute 2500 Euro to do so (for south europe/spain)! the laser unit should be paid after 20 units, if you like.

– same for other machine parts: one reliable & cheap CNC in each continent would allow you to reduce expensive parts like couplers, drive shafts, extrusion drills down to 50 – 70 %.

– same for reducers, with some luck and support, a machine builder could adjust his lathe to build gears for worm drives. that could reduce the motor reducer price from 200-500 down to 100 euro

there are also working models of ‘social’ currencies which could support this idea.

if we don’t do anything in this direction, we will remain exposed and depending to an <b>expensive, proprietary and pretty shark like market</b> ! in short, we will move with a third of the current speed, less even! because as said, scrap yards are not a solution, we need a shredder for all and this aren’t exactly  DIY machines, it’s more an assembly of expensive parts, at least with v3 !

at the end of the you guys want to see more plastic back in circulation whilst feeding the ecosystem as best possible. leaving everyone to the sharks with an 6000 euro setup (still using proprietary parts/technology) and still no rich up-streams opportunities to the system wasn’t exactly the idea, was it ? 🙂
kind regards,

29/05/2018 at 19:32

Hola. Soy Fabiana, de Ushuaia, Tierra del fuego, Argentina. Estoy muy entusiasmada por hacer realidad el proyecto en la isla, tenemos graves inconvenientes con los residuos en general.
Hace 3 días que recorro la pagina, un inconveniente para mi es el idioma y otro el no recibir respuestas a todos los mensajes enviados. No se porque no aparezco en el mapa, ya me registré.
Pienso que estaría bueno un paso a paso para los recien llegados o inexpertos como yo. Poder elegir el idioma sería genial.
Quiero replicar la idea!. Pensaba armar el proyecto para articular con escuelas tecnicas que puedan colaborar con la construcción de las máquinas, como una practica profecionalizante y con las ONG como socio indispensable para la multiplicación de los espacios de recogida.
Necesito ideas💭💎!!!
Ayuda!!! 👂SOS🙏🙏💃

30/05/2018 at 16:01

Hello Precious Plastic,

While researching for self made injection molding machines I found this one

– and maybe the idea could be interesting for speeding up production. At least for small objects. I didn`t research regarding patent…

If someone already mentioned this and I didn`t see, please ingnore 😉


30/05/2018 at 20:11

@maximilian nice catch! exactly what i need to make plastic screw caps. thanks! with some extra effort, this could be automated. i have some spare parts to build this right away 🙂

31/05/2018 at 00:03

My opinion is very simple ( or not :3 )
Rather than focusing on little machines to do the work for each individual person, make big fat schredders, molds ect for a whole community, but like next level !

That’s all 🙂

Great idea for the V4 and question à part, still in Paris ?

31/05/2018 at 01:37

@carlito, as much i’d love to see a fat shredda variant as standard, it’s getting insane expensive (europe): motor 5hp = 100 (it’s still too cheap motor, rather 300) blades around 240 euro, inverter min. 200 – euro (no DIY), reducer min. 450 euro (DIY insane = 5 days) but the rest is pretty doable, just bigger. the amount of steel is around 100 but no less than this. couplings = 0.5  day, custom blade housing = 1 day, chassy =  1 day, testing and fine tuning = 2 days. in total = materials: 1100 euro and a full weak labor, in total min. 1800 – 2000 euro. Running at 4kw 8 hours a day = around 15 euro. Imagine the footprint needed to build such machines, not sure what destroys what 🙂

31/05/2018 at 19:50

First Precious Plastic reselling point in the Netherlands + business plan for it as I suggest here.

31/05/2018 at 23:18

New machine extrusion blowing form

For inspiration

01/06/2018 at 09:56

one more important thing is to improve the manuals. at the moment there is a github repo which compiles to a downloadable zip, which is nice but it in reality I to have spent weeks (still ongoing) to get more realistic prices & recommendations to build the machines. so this is how it could be improved:
– build an application which allows you to graphically explore machines
– users should be able to attach links and inline information to machines and parts (can be stored via github api/gists)
– allow users to add variants of the machines
(i’m currently investigating this, my favourite is ‘fabric.js’ and a gist driven storage, rendered via github.io page)

a part from getting realistic numbers and machine requirements, having quick access to other machine designs is also pretty crucial. there are designs better fitted to some context, I realized myself too late that i need different blades, a bigger motor and also combine shredder & extrusion in one machine (less footprint, cheaper to build). As already said, there should be clear warnings that the standard v3 design come with lots of problems, this can create huge costs on our ends …

also i see the forum/github – only in itself very limited for collaborative work in regards developing further the project. there are many started topics but it’s hard for people to actually contribute. for instance there is no contribution/task list where people can just jump in and help. This could be done classically,as it’s done in companies: use a tool like ‘kanbanize’. That way we can see ongoing efforts, ideas and tasks, also with links to discussions because a word document is just not fitted. The kanban approach was initially designed for waste-management but I think it fits very well for the mission: more clarity, transparency & efficiency , easier to contribute….

so again, easier access to community ideas & designs could reduce the waste/time drastically when stepping into the project….

again, if you guys need help, let me know.


02/06/2018 at 03:03

Cool ideas here. I may be a bit late to the game but I wanted to drop in and say I am submitting a grant tonight to build two of the machines as part of my masters thesis project. I aim to create parts for Precious Plastic machines out of recycled plastic, as mentioned earlier. I actually came up with this idea independently this morning, haha. Glad to come here and see some other people thinking about this stuff. It feels like common sense.

I think Precious Plastic USA is doing a great service and I intend to buy from them when I can secure some funds. However $85 for a shredder hopper is kind of nuts. If I could get that and a few other parts made of plastic I imagine I could cut off $100-200 at least. If the tables are able to be made from plastic, perhaps cut even more out. This would also prove that Precious Plastic is a useful endeavor, not just for art objects. I am an industrial designer so I understand the attraction to art, but as many are saying, art isn’t going to save the world! Making it cheaper for others to recycle plastic… well, that is one thing worth trying.

Also should mention I’m not looking to put Precious Plastic USA or anyone else out of business. In fact a partnership with a willing fab shop would be ideal because I have neither the tools nor skills to do the requisite metal work. I just want to help flex the muscles of Precious Plastic to make the whole initiative more accessible.

Some other ideas-
-solar thermal technology
-trike mounted workshop

Please send me luck on the grant!

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