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Reuse and Upcycling

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Zineddine SAIDANI zinovor

Reuse and Upcycling

26/04/2020 at 00:40

Dear team,

i would like to encourage the reuse of plastic bottles PET mostly in my network as we are a big consumers of mineral water and other liquids, so what can you propose for that?

The aim goal is to develop an useful product and viable business


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In reply to: Reuse and Upcycling

28/04/2020 at 22:03

Sorry but if you search the forum, there have been several attempts at working with PET. The only successes I remember are the finely shredded PET used in direct 3D printers. The general observation appears to be that PET is both moisture and temperature profile sensitive and may be too difficult for simple DIY recycling.

In reply to: Reuse and Upcycling

29/04/2020 at 02:13

Dear Stan,
many thanks for your reply, could you tell more about the use of shredded PET in 3D printing technology.
even if it’s moisture and high temperature sensitive it still have some advantages as flexible, transparent can be good in thermic isolation.


In reply to: Reuse and Upcycling

29/04/2020 at 06:12

I am not personally involved in these efforts so I don’t have any direct information but here are a couple of links to get you started.


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