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School Projects

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Alan J Klingensmith klingensmith

School Projects

25/04/2019 at 21:15

I am a teacher and see so much plastic waste in schools.  From spoons/forks, straws and water bottles that are all provided by the schools for their lunch to be thrown away less than 20 min later.

I want to be able to set up a complete site at the school.  I want to make it where kids can be active in the process.

I am looking for someone I can buy all working machines from and cost.
I would want 3 shredders so I can break classes into groups.
Then one of each of the others; extrusion, injection and compression.

I want to teach the importance of recycling and the fun it can be.  Also,they can resell the new items to raise money for the school.

What would be the start up cost?

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In reply to: School Projects

25/04/2019 at 21:28

i can only point to “precious plastic USA” given the quality and requirements needed for your project. I would even say you need a better shredder, a commercial version, with warranty, etc… is only double the price than in the bazar. You can get those also from craiglist, see “plastic granulator” or “grinder”. There are also good ones on Alibaba.
For extrusion, injection and compression I would recommend to make sure teens can handle this. Please check the PP youtube videos before. You can see there 2 guys hanging at the lever to fill an iphone mold, you get the idea..

More or less, count on 1-2K per machine, you definitly want something in the 2K + range.

Re-selling will be hard, competing with virgin plastic isnt a business model. It makes sense to combine plastic with something else, wood, metal,…and give it a purpose, for a price and specs you can handle 🙂

hope this helps,

In reply to: School Projects

25/04/2019 at 21:45

THis does help.  I was thinking of selling stuff to parents/students.  If we can get the mascot on items.

So it might cost more but going through non precious plastic builders may be more beneficial.

I will search that route.  Thank you.

In reply to: School Projects

25/04/2019 at 22:03

You’re welcome.

Injection and extrusion can go quickly expensive on the public market.
There is also MorrenTrading (EU) on the bazar, that’s the kind of quality you want to see, at least for the enclosure and frames. Please really find somebody who can advise you before purchasing. Sometimes there’s lots of ‘good looking’ machines, for horrendous 5000 Euro but still use very cheap components ..

If it’s just for mascots and non-24-7 use, you can be fine with PP USA or similar, just the shredder want’s a little more than the original PP design and builds can offer. That can be a good invest in the long ..

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