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Shredder modification – advise needed

Andis absolbegg

Shredder modification – advise needed

07/04/2019 at 02:17

hello all.
I am going to modify a small wood shredder to a large cable shredder.
who’s familiar with recycling of both of the mentioned, wouldn’t see any strangeness in the idea – in my particular case a 2 x 40 kW twin-shafter which is at the entry level within wood recycling industry could become a respectable universal machine in cable, plastics and WEEE shredding…
… could become by radical modifications in the shredding chamber: both the shafts should be replaced to new ones, and the cleaning fingers should be added at the sides (at the moment there are no c.f’s at all).
Unfortunately, the producer of this old shredder is not producing them anymore, it was produced only wood shredders, so absolutely no producer’s support available.
I’ve already contacted some producers/traders of circular shredder knives, couple of them were really kind and supportive by shearing their experience & knowledge and giving some valuable recommendations….
but the recommendations I’ve received differs, and I am very afraid to build a bad performing machine, so I still have a huge lot of questions, so an independent experienced advise (or even a custom design of whole shafts, knives, spacers and cleaning  fingers) is extremely needed.
Would anybody here be in position and willingness to provide experienced advisory/design services?
Sure, I would be more then happy to receive all the info you would want to share here for free, same time I would be thankful for a commercial offer/s for the services required (as you can imagine, my budget is limited (otherwise I would happily buy a new universal shredder), but it still exists).
so, thanks you very much for your kind replies,
with best regards,

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