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the great precious plastic podcast !


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the great precious plastic podcast !

26/08/2019 at 21:36

Hey there,

doing a podcast has been on the table since a while and looking around, it’s getting shape every month. There are increasingly amazing & great stories out there just waiting to be told 🙂

We’ve investigated so far the technical part as well distribution (itunes, pp app,…) together with friends who do radio airing and a number of successful podcasts for a living.

The exact script is still unclear but more or less that’s the monthly program :

1st block, 20 mins : an interview/story told by some of the rock stars in PP. you can interact with the show via youtube and the new Discord platform

2nd block, 10 mins : direction and visions for a better Precious Plastic

3th block, surprise guests, new machines, save the planet, get lost in details, community talk, ideas, … 20 mins (open end).

The first podcasts will be held still with semi professional equipment but around December things should got better and we hopefully will have a professional   who does the moderator part; you gonna love his voice, and jokes.

Anyone who’d like to be there live, send me a message.

@s2019, would be great to have you on boat too

we honestly can’t wait, hear you in a bit 🙂

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