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Toxicity Of Recycling Plastics?

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Paul pauli

Toxicity Of Recycling Plastics?

24/05/2017 at 06:36

Trying to get some good information on the toxicity of working with and melting plastics? In particular I’m wanting to know about dust particles from the shredding as well as the fumes from the melting of the plastics? Does anyone have data on this?
I’m needing the information for a proposal to submit to our local Council and they require OSH as well as environmental data in order for us to get approval to start our workshop.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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20/06/2017 at 13:38

You could try to begin with obtaining any guidelines, or regulations from your local council about dust, particularly industrial dusts. This may provide a set of figures around which the community can help you investigate. I’d been curious about the scale of processing producing unforeseen consequences, of which dust is a significant industrial hazard, even for substances that we otherwise might consider safe, such as foodstuffs.

I’ve seen sites using fine jets of water to eliminate airborne particles.

I’ve also tried to engage with local councils when I’ve encountered their recycling plants freely discharging dust which is periodically visible from several kilometers away…which seem highly unlikely to comply with environmental protection regulations.

It would be interesting to understand the compliance procedures across jurisdictions. Some might happily rely upon an estimate supplied on behalf of the producer/operator, whilst others may require a one-off sample, or perhaps even on-going monitoring.

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