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V4 Sheets – Finishing techniques

Vicente Varella v-varella

V4 Sheets – Finishing techniques

13/12/2018 at 13:44

Hello Community,

Finishing is thee topic. It’s one of the most common request we get, how to make our plates look nice. Partly is going to be a work of developing the sheet making process. But also, we are going to experiment with different finishing ideas we got. Let’s see how far we go and what you guys have to say about it.

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13/12/2018 at 14:02

Test: Fine tooling of corners.

Objective: Finding the differences in the material while using router bits.

Material: PP, HDPE, PS

Tools: Manual milling machine, router bits


In order to finish the corners we wanted to try wood corner bits. The ideal way of working would be having a router table but since we don’t have it we can still try the method by using the manual milling machine. In order to have a good comparison we tried the same exercise in three different materials.


– PP worked the best
– HDPE still needs some polishing after
– PS is a bit complicated to work with, because the surface usually shines and when you cut it like this, then it became matt and it’s almost impossible to make it shine again.
– In general it works and it’s an interesting set of tools to work with.
– In general slower speeds work better than faster tooling speeds.

13/12/2018 at 19:13

Test: trying to apply a second layer out of foils

Objective: Trying to have a better understanding of how to add fine layers.

Material: PP

Tools: iron, PP foils, baking paper, pp plate


In order to add a layer in theory would be needed hot and pressure. So for a first test we used the iron to stick a fine layer of PP foils to a PP plate. The process is simple, ironing the foils on top of the surface using baking paper to prevent from sticking on the iron. The iron is somewhere in between 50º and 120º C having better and faster results the higher Temperatures.


– It worked pretty easilyThe aluminium shiny effect disappeared by applying heat.
– The effect could be interesting but somehow it seems easy to peel off.
– Few bubbles got trapped in the process.
– The outlook is not amazing.
– Maybe with colors would work more interestingly.
– Another improvement would be to put this foils on the plates while the sheet is still on the making. Will have to try that as well.

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