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What products to make

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What products to make

08/06/2017 at 08:11

I wanted to share some thoughts on areas for product development but it turned into a wall of text.
For anyone interested:
Plastic products long version

The gist of it:

Products to help grow plants:
– Composting – net fences, large bags, smaller bins for urban growers
– Green houses – pipe or profiled framework, nets, ropes, pegs, shades, corrugated sheets(back wall sheets do not need to be transparent), if transparent sheets or film is challenging to produce and needs to be purchased it will be a small cost compared to the whole structure.
– Plant Nurseries – smaller structures – more suitable for urban growers
– Raised beds(e.q. Square meter system) – support structure and coverings(nets for bird protection, frost cloth, wind protection etc)
– Worm houses
– Planters, pots and other container systems
– Aquaponic products
– Tarps – collecting produce, initial weed control(mulching), haulage of organic matter or compost

Products that can help capture water:
– Tarps, sails
– Plastic sheets or tiles for roofs
– Pond lining
– Modular system for storing water(using less material and easier to produce)
* Plastic bladder – water proofing
* Frame made of nets or plates and corner profiles – for strength
– Piping, connectors and faucets for low pressure water movement.

Products for animal rearing
– Fences and shelters – e.q. chicken tractor
– Watering
– Ponds, aquariums

Shelter products
– Sidings for sheds and work spaces – corrugated panels or plates and tiles
– Ropes, straps
– Tarps, sails

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In reply to: What products to make

18/07/2017 at 19:47

I read your doc. Interesting thoughts. Have you started making any?

In reply to: What products to make

19/07/2017 at 11:37


I really like your ideas. Thank you for sharing them with us.
Although, I’d like to ask: are you thinking about these objects as disposable or long-lasting? I tend to think a lot of plastic in agriculture is disposable or gets destroyed by the harsh conditions. (which also means farmers and gardeners have plastic raw material to offer).
Actually, after reading your post, I feel like emailing farmers I’ve worked with in the past, who like to build stuff and aim at self-reliance.

In reply to: What products to make

30/11/2017 at 14:14

You have some great Ideas here! I was only able to see and read text on 2 of the 4 pages though. I have been interested in remaking all my broken planting containers . Your doc. Gave me a lot more Ideas as well. I wonder if a large plastic manufacturing company would take shredded pot,(plastic) pot chips not weed, in exchange for doing a small run in their molds? Same for 5 gal paint buckets.

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