Our projects are community driven, they thrive on people like you. There are numerous ways to help out and here you can directly get involved. Big, smal, complex, easy, have a look at them to see what fits you. Below a list of the things we need help with right now. Drop by every now and then to tackle new problems



🌟Support our projects in the long run, monthly on Patreon! (this really helps a lot!)

💻 Help to improve this community – Developers needed that code like maniacs

👀 Precious Plastic – Share your ideas/tips/suggestions for Version 4

📔 Precious Plastic – Help us translating our content

📍 Precious Plastic – Add yourself to our map and start collaborating

🔧 Precious Plastic – Let us know your materials spots


⚙ Precious Plastic – Give us feedback for version 3.0

🌎 Precious Plastic – Get your own.preciousplastic.com for free!

🌏 Precious Plastic – Help us spread V3 around

🍌 Precious Plastic – Support our Version 3 Campaign

💻 Community – Improve this community

🌟 Community – Looking for a moderator!

📝 Precious Plastic – Precious Plastic subtitles

❤️ Precious Plastic – Final logo vote!

🖍 Precious Plastic – Help us make the new Logo

🌈 Precious Plastic – Inspiration for a new logo