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FROM CLIMATE GRIEF TO ACTION Hi, my name is Holly Gano. Last year, I had a serious case of climate grief and found the situation we are in globally to be quite overwhelming. I have realised that for me, positive action on a local level is the only way forward. I own a local cleaning business called Beyond Cleaning Group with a large network of local cleaners and customers. I have committed the use of the businesses time and resources to The War On Plastic and trust that our cleaners and customers will get behind us too. I would like to head up a project to start a Precious Plastics Recycling Centre in the Northern Rivers. To be clear, in no way do I want it to be branded by my business, but I will happily use the businesses resources and network to promote the project. This website is our temporary home. I see this starting out as a weekly meeting and the project has no endpoint. It’s important to me that corporate interests and profits don’t corrupt the cause. The facility should be run as a not for profit, with proceeds going back into the project for continuous improvement, expansion and running costs. I would like to see it replicated in other communities once we lay the groundwork and I hope that local plastics processing becomes a norm. If you would like to get involved in starting a Crowd-funded Precious Plastics Recycling Centre in the Northern Rivers, please consider registering your interest here.

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