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Precious Plastic Greece is a growing team of exciting people, inspired by the Precious Plastic project, which begun in Netherlands by Dave Hakkens and aims to tackle the issue of plastic waste recycling, repurpose and reuse through a straightforward, creative, inclusive, community based and practical way. Initially, two long time friends, Alexandros Filippidis and Christos Kagis, both carrying many years of experience on building, constructing, metal work, energy, sustainability. non formal education and social activism, spent few months researching and finally constructing the machines required, which are part of a 4 machines set. Precious Plastic Greece was created. Since November 2016 that we first stumbled upon the Precious Plastic approach, wanted to investigate more about it, which led to building two machines, a shredder and an extruder, based on open source designs. The machines were built and used for the TouchThePast project which took place in the city of Argos during Spring/Summer 2017. These machines allowed the shredding of plastic which creates flakes, and then used through an extruder to created filament for 3d printing for further use. Following that we were happy for our collaborations with AthensMakerspace and creation of Precious Plastic Lab for the Remakers Project and currently with Electra Energy Cooperative and SolidarityNow with the By(e)Plastic Project. Following this we built a new Precious Plastic Lab in the island of Syros, combined with a very successful 3 day assembly workshop and awareness event, and currently we are building several machines for privates and other organisations as well in various locations in Greece and also developing our services to expand in Menorca, Spain, Split, Croatia and hopefully in France too. Due to the popularity of Precious Plastic project globally and with the support of a huge supporting community, lots of people and organisations throughout Greece have expressed already their interest on Precious Plastic machines, filling us with energy and certainty to continue and grow our projects.  We confidently provide the tools and knowhow and we invite everyone to take the problem of plastic pollution and turn it into a great opportunity. Less plastic, more Precious Plastic Greece.


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