Hi, i’m Dave. 30 year guy from the Netherlands. I kinda like working on global problems, try to fix them by shooting some ideas at it. From reducing e-waste with a modular phone to making informative videos or developing machines to boost plastic recyclingI graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven and these days I work in an old post office in Helmond, Netherlands. Well..at the moment it’s more of a messy workspace. I love to make things, research, work open source, travel and use the power of the internet. The latter is crucial for my work. My projects get bigger than what I can handle on my own. –I guess thats what happens when you work on global stuff. Luckily there are inspiring, creative, like minded people from all over the world to help out. These people are part of our community. Honestly, if it wasn’t for these amazing people supporting and helping out these projects would have zero impact.

If you want to make sure we can all keep doing our thing independent in the future make sure to support on Patreon.  Every month I make 1 update video that shows our progress, heres the latest. I’m also on instagram, twitter and facebook…for now