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    @s2019, thanks as always, I like the idea of the blower as alternative heat supply system. I am afraid I have to come up this milestones with something solid as mentioned earlier. Here such feeder (kreyenborg DOT com /en/product/extruder-feeding-system-special-feed-hopper/). In top I want to make it work as plugable component, injection and extrusion, something which can also survive students in fablabs and universities (ambiguous, i know) .. way to go.
    Doesn’t look too hard looking at this, the cone it self is better taken from ebay/aliexpress and the rest can be done in a homeshop. I am already excited about plugging the controller to mix 2 colors. As mentioned earlier I’ve met some guys who print grinded PET bottles right on the printer, they basically use a sort of screw and pre-heat it on it’s way down to the nozzle, neat.


    hey there, there are some results searching the forum. be aware that are screws made for industrial machines, not for ‘low-tech’. those require much more power and rigidity.


    hi,you could try search function of the forum. It’s all there: tables, times, etc.. it’s hard to find these things back here, good luck.

    extrusion  motor output runs  with 30 – 50 RPMS, at around 300  – 1500 Watt, depending on the screw type (beams need more power). you could convert this to feed per minute. in top it wants around 800 Watt for the heat bands…

    shredder wants at least 2.2 Kw, 3Phase, about 50 – 70 RPM around 6-8 amps for average plastic, 3-4KW for heavy stuff. It’s tedious work with the PP shredder, please consider buying a ‘plastic granulator’ from aliexpress or ebay.

    turn-around time for injection depends on your clamping and cooling system but count on 10 – 30 minutes per object.

    sorry, but the PP owner doesn’t want to update the site’s content with these numbers



    I search to buy the worm compression of v2 extrusion machine.

    I saw one in the bazar shop from @precious plastic but it is not there anymore…

    Not found in aliexpress or ebay too… But maybe i don’t use the right name…

    Any idee or suggestion ?

    The best will be a brand or a shop from europe. (i’m come Switzerland)

    Thank you

Viewing 4 results - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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