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I made a small portable plastic lab. This construction has been designed be used on a sailing boat to recycle plastics out of the ocean. (excluding fishing tools!)  Of course you can use this everywhere! As it is an experimental construction the person who will be using it on the boat will give me feedback in the future about the practicalities and user friendliness. The 3d file contains a heavier metal construction than the one I made on the picture. This is due to reducing the weight of the press for on the boat.   Details and tips: - Plastic sheets of 20cm by 30 cm.  - If you have a bigger oven you will be able to make thicker sheets - When you cut extra metal plates you can take these out of the press to clean and make errors - or cut out an baking plate (2 times top/bottom) 20 by 30cm to have a smooth surface result. - Order a 4 ton “potjack" - Use PTFE spray, foil for high gloss results (It can create lines though!) - the press in the file would weight around 35 kilo - use a scale to calculate the amounts! Tools you need:  - Welding machine - column drill - Punch (to make the exact spot for the drill) - Hammer - Electric Metal saw - Music boxes - A beer or wine to celebrate your new design when you finish (not during the work though!)   Difficulty: Medium. It is important that the welds are very solid and straight, if not: - the plates will not be pressed straight - the press wil bend due to the power - or the flat metal plate wil bend due to the heat   3d file included: There is also a File included made in Rhinoceros. Rought <b>price</b> estimation: - Metal for the press - 80 - 120 euro - second hand oven 50 euro     Introduction video: https://vimeo.com/282373093 My works: https://www.instagram.com/hoogewerfthomas/ The journey! https://www.instagram.com/bytheoceanweunite/   Have Fun!
Viewing topic 1 (of 1 total)
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