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Follow up of the topic of nurturing a friendly online community and handling inappropriate ways of communicating of certain community members, here is a link to the code of conduct in place in the Funkwhale community : https://funkwhale.audio/en_US/code-of-conduct This code of conduct was co-build with the members of the community, and maybe Loomio as a tool is also useful for that  (see the example here https://governance.funkwhale.audio/g/kQgxNq15/funkwhale) In this process they conducted an "anti-abuse audit" https://governance.funkwhale.audio/d/pQS1Uznd/abuse-audit which might be useful as inspiration. More at large in open source projects, the https://www.contributor-covenant.org/ is a good base plate if you don't have a code of conduct. Another tool I know for this kind of issue is the "move commons" label which is similar to creative commons in some ways http://movecommons.org/np-rp-rc.di-gr/0.1/en/ (the site doesn't seem to be updated since 2012, so there might be a good replacement for this). Hope this collective and this initiatives finds the right tools and methods for its community ! Good luck and my thoughts go out to people who feel abused in this community. ❤️️ ps. sorry, I haven't looked deeper into the discussions with the members with whom you are having difficulties.
Viewing topic 1 (of 1 total)
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