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Hello @davehakkens and people who read this topic ! The phonebloks project becomes more and more forgotten but this is very pity... Some corporations try to make similar project but they aren't as cool as phonebloks and the only which I know in sell is fairphone. The idea of fairphone is cool but it is very different as PB and it seems more difficult to upgrade or repair. So I come to this question : Couldn't we try to give him a second life of glory ? like few years ago. I know that big corporations dislike this idea but we could maybe do a try. I also think that PB idea could be easier to execute on a laptop. Laptops are pretty similar to desktop, they have the same components. But the first difference is that the laptop is very upgradable and repairable. But I think with the PB idea we could make much easier a LapBloks.
Viewing topic 1 (of 1 total)
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