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Hello, my name is Angelo, I live in Italy and I'm a farmer. Each farm is a small workshop, workshop, carpentry but alas a little dump. Plastics affect my business: the bigger my company becomes, the more plastic I am forced to use I would therefore like to recycle the plastic that I create and feel like I can use it. Rural development plans for agriculture are very focused on the multi-functionality of farms such as: farms, educational farms, sale of farm products, so why not aim to make farms also precius plastic laboratories? The company's precious plastic lab would recycle the plastic of my clients creating a sort of bond During certain periods of the year I could encourage this link with seasonal products I could favor the plastic recycling during food and wine events with the simple use of the shredder favoring the recycling and the stocks of plastic materials for the following phases like the extrusion and / or the press Which new and cool material would I like to create with plastic? Profiles for the construction of geodesic domes and customizing the spas company
Viewing topic 1 (of 1 total)
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