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Hello guys! The company that is working with me to get the shredder parts is called "BBC Steel" and they are located in Oregon. New Prices as of Oct 2019: ( so far the lowest in USA) - 1 set $425.00 - 2-5 sets 300.00ea - 6-10 sets $285.00set - Shafts are still currently at $38.00 but could raise. - Bearings $17.50ea. ****Shipping is not included - You will have to pay for shipping**** Important: This modifications were necessary for most accessible parts also to keep the prices low. Blades were modified to fit the 1" shaft (this set will fit perfect if you buy their shaft and bearings) Shaft is 1" with ends machined to 3/4 Bearings are 3/4 Website: www.bbcsteel.com Contact for BBC Steel: Randy [email protected]m You can email Randy Including your name and state you would like to order the shredder parts, keep in mind the prices may be going up due to the material going up in price. BBCSTEEL is one of the few companies that is wiling to work at small scale (one set at the time) Not all companies are willing to work this way since we can't order in bulk (100s at the time) Again, We can not afford to lose this company so email with discretion and be polite, this would be ideal for people who require receipts and invoices (If for business, School districts, Non Profit) Any question don't hesitate to message me. Thanks, Andre I invite everyone to join "Precious Plastic USA" group on Facebook www.facebook.com/groups/293443417731185/ ***If you have a better option of better deal please let us know as we always look for better ways to bring cheaper and more accessible options for the community****
Viewing topic 1 (of 1 total)
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