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Hello the Precious Plastic community. With some friends we have started the adventure of plastic recycling. We have the shredder case and when the question of the power source came up, our choice turned to the bike (for the moment). We bought a spinning bike, a exercise bike already fixed on the ground, already equipped with a flywheel and we might need the help of those who have already started a bike powered shredder, our knowledge is a little limited in this area. I know there are already topics on the subject but it was a bit of a mess... The recommended motor for the shredder must have a power of 220V, 2 kWh and a rotational speed of 50 to 70 RPM. It is therefore necessary to recover its characteristics via a bicycle. As for the cyclist, I saw on internet that his power could go up to 300 W (average of 200W), and that his rotation speed was 100 RPM (not entirely sure on these values, do not hesitate to correct me). I have read on the forum that the ideal way to link the shredder to a bicycle is to have a ratio of 1:5 on the sprockets, the small one on the bicycle crank and the large one on the shredder shaft. With my team we are wondering how to connect the whole thing... put the crusher in the axis of the spinning bike flywheel, or add a chain and put it somewhere else. But as a result, how should the chain of small, small, large and large sprockets be? We would also like, if possible, not to have to weld on the shredder shaft, in order to be able to switch to a real engine later on, without having to buy a new shaft. Here are the pictures of our spinning bike and 3D explanations. Thank you all Alexandre from FRANCE
Viewing 3 topics - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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