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Dear People, I would like to organize, an EVENT in Bratislava, Slovakia sometimes in spring/summer 2019. We imagine it as a public event, full of useful information about recycling plastic waste to something handy and nice. A few speakers will introduce their ideas and projects to make this world better and livable place for everyone and talk about current pollution situation on this planet. Main aim of this event won´t be only to spread some info about plastic pollution but to clean Bratislava. People will get equipment for trash collecting and each will have the opportunity to help the city, help the environment, help the planet. Because it is not supposed to be boring event, there will be many street musicians all around Bratislava and maybe some other small shows, basically anyone who can entertain in any way will be free to entertain. We hope there might be a live illustration how to shred plastics, melt it and make a new valuable goods out of it. We want people to have fun, feel good, learn something new and help at the same time. We expect some support from public institutions, private institutions and from the city and from students of universities in Bratislava. We are just in basic phase of collecting information. if there is someone who would like to help, who has a good idea and who wants to be a part of this project, please contact me. If you want to be a speaker, if you want to make a promotion to your project or product, if you want to make videos or photos from the project or just give a hand with any part of organization the door is open for everyone. If there is someone who has done an event like this before and you have some good advises for us we will be very grateful. LAST THING WE WOULD LIKE TO MAKE IT AS the "PRECIOUS PLASTIC SLOVAKIA" Thank you for any help.
Viewing topic 1 (of 1 total)
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